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NYC by The Briggs

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A classic case of He said-She said, here is one of the world’s most exciting cities, the iconic Big Apple, Ney York, New York brought to you by the recently married Mr. and Mrs. Briggs!
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Alessandra Perez-Rubio Briggs, 27, a freelance graphic designer and Have mainly been working in publishing, although I am working towards shifting my career focus to something more fashion oriented in the near future. Living in NYC for 5 years now.
1.  Italian Joints: For starters Lavagna.  Of all the Italian places in nyc, it is still my favorite and Bryant and I always find ourselves going back, me for their Rigattoni and him for their truffle mushroom pizza. Bianca comes in at a close second.  Since they don’t take reservations I always put my name down and have a cocktail at Madam Geneva, which is my current bar of choice in the city.
2. The DKA’s at Dominique Ansel.  Before the cronut came the DKA and I still think its 10 times better AND you don’t have to stand in that stupid line.
3. Shopping: the triple threat of Scoop, Opening Ceremony and Intermix in soho.  When I’m feeling adventurous enough to go uptown I’ll check out the 5th floor of Bergdorfs. Its not as pretentious as it sounds and of course this all happens when I am not completely broke.
4. Drinks at the Jane, the Mondrian and the Bowery hotels.  The Jane even though its always impossible to get in after 11, but when you do its epic, the Mondrian because their restaurant Isola is breathtakingly beautiful, and the Bowery because A, I got married there, and B, you are always surrounded by celebs.
5. The chicken at the NoMad. This needs no explanation. Just fucking trust me.
6. The Omakase at Kura on 7th and A.  Every foodie I know swears by their own “best” omakase in nyc, but this one is the cheapest and most legit, 10 seats at a bar and the chef, Norihiro Ishizuka is a fucking badass.
7.  As a no frills bar, my favorite is Luca Bar on 8th between first and A.  Over the years Christof, the owner, has become a dear friend and is always happy to take care of Bryant and I whether it is a random Tuesday or a last stop nightcap, always offering us free glasses of champagne to end our night on a perfect note.
8. The Gallow Green rooftop. After a night of interactive theater of Sleep No More at the MckIttrick hotel, which honestly is one of the coolest New YOrk  experiences ever,  make your last stop on the Gallow Green rooftop, with all the serves and waitstaff still in character, you feel sucked back in time to NYC prohibition.  Obviously only open during the summer.
9. Beers, burgers, fried green tomatoes, and garlic fries make the perfect hungover brunch at Black Iron Burger.
10. Sometimes you just don’t feel like being an all around glutton, and every NYC girl feels this way, which is why AIRE Bathhouse is my favorite alternative to the eating and drinking that is so much a part of New York City culture.  You can book a 90 minute thermal bath for $75 which pretty much comes out to be the same price as a dinner out with drinks.  So you save the calories AND you get to relax.
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Bryant Briggs, associate director of digital production at Y&R and has been living in NYC for nearly 14 years (a true new yorker!) He is 39 and turns the big 40 this year. 
1. Josie’s Bar (6th street between Ave A and Ave B, (212) 228-9532)  – One of the first dive bars in the east village – originally called Joe’s bar. This is s a no frills, grab a bud of beer (with a shot of Jameson) and play some pool kind of place. This is where bartenders and people who have lived in rent stabilized apartments in the east village come to drink and socialize. Dogs are welcome so you may have to compete for bar stool space with a cavalier king charles spaniel. 
2. Vazac’s Horseshoe Bar (Corner 7th street and Ave B, (212) 677-6742) – Another old school dive bar that has been in the EV family for years. Why horseshoe? Because the bar is shaped like a horseshoe (duh). A simple dive/pub that you’ve probably walked by so many times, on the southeast corner of Tompkin’s Square Park.Drinks are cheap. Music’s good. You could do worse, than the Horseshoe.
3. Bedford Ave – Williamsburg. Haven’t seen a hipster yet? Take the L Train (1st Ave –> Bedford Ave) one stop away from the east village. There’s enough handlebar mustache bartenders to make you want to grow a beard and drink Pabst blue ribbon all day long. 
4. The Omakase at Kura on 7th and A. (See wife’s response above) 
5. Lavanga – One of the few restaurants that have survived for over 15 years in the east village! Superb Italian food and I’ve been going there for over 14 years now. Yep…I’ve been here for 14 years…
6. McSorley’s Ale House – One the oldest bars in NYC – opened in 1854. They play no music or televisions in the place, so conversation is considered important here. Also, they serve only beer–two kinds, light and dark.The walls of the small bar are packed with memorabilia and artifacts from almost two centuries of life.
7. Sleep no more, an interactive play an immersive, site specific, interactive piece of theatre.
8. American Natural History Museum -Central Park W and 79th St, New York, NY 10024, United States
9. Katz’s Deli – one of the best deli places in NYC
10. The Standard Biergarten – German – This place is great for beer, sausages and pretzels. 

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