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The Halal Guys in Manila

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This New York staple branches out globally for the first time to whet Filipino foodies' appetites

The Halal Guys Philippines at the 5th Level Foodcourt, Mega Fashion Hall, Megamall

6 Cities with Stunning July 4 Fireworks

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Fireworks have always been a part of the Fourth of July tradition since time immemorial, showing the celebratory mood of the United States of America on the day they freed themselves from their conquerors.

From historic cities to distinctive places, here are some of America's most fantastic fireworks displays.

The Great White Shirt

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Packing for your next big trip should not be a chore when you know what you want to wear.

With a few white shirts in your luggage, plus some additional effects to mix and match, will always do the trick anywhere in the world!

Summer Shades: 5 Sunglasses to Wear Around the World

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From North America to South Africa, the sun never sets on the gypsetting man

His travels are never complete without sunglasses, and we recommend 5 shades for the sun-worshipping traveler


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