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The Garage: VR Games and More at COD Manila

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Home to Southeast Asia's very first virtual reality game zone powered by Bandai Namco and specialty food trucks is City of Dreams’ newest It spot: The Garage

The Garage at City of Dreams Manila was fashioned out of 2,714 square meters of parking space and designed by the Paris-based Malherbe Design in colab with Westar Architectural Interior Design

Eating Around España

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We're celebrating Madrid Fusion Manila this week, as several Spanish chefs come in the country to teach us more about their cooking styles and the evolution of Spanish cuisine

Hopping from one region to another, learn more about each chef's hometown and where to eat--their very own restaurants, of course!

10 Hong Kong Brunch Hotspots by Carla Quevedo

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A Hong Kong resident for the past nine years, Carla Quevedo gives us her top 10 brunch loves in her adopted home

Lily & Bloom is just one of the many weekend brunch options in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: A Getaway

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Hong Kong is the perfect playground for a girls' getaway

Buzzing with electricity, Hong Kong has something for everybody

Khmer Amok Curry

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Explore the world of refined Cambodian cuisine with this classic dish of celebration.

Lighter than Thai but richer and more complex than Vietnamese food with clear South Asian influences, their cuisine is a dichotomous historic reflection of abundance and lack: spawned from their Hindu


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