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The Great White Shirt

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If the little black dress (LBD) is the woman’s closet staple, the white shirt is the man’s must-always-have. Traveling the world in style doesn’t mean constantly following the trends, but rather it’s all about keeping it classy anytime, anywhere. Packing your clothes shouldn’t be so much of a hassle–bring with you a couple of white shirts and you’ll be fine.

From the streets to the Savannah, here are three ways to look good with a white shirt.

1. INVESTED IN L’AMOUR (featured photo)

Add in a white cotton shirt with a soft collar and you’re ready to go to make romance even more voguish. Paris is the city of love, so let the locals swoon over your outfit: a simple gray vest over a white shirt and a pair of gray pants. You may look professional, but the secret of looking like a stylish Gypsetter is rolling up your sleeves up until just above your elbows. Live up the roaring twenties while enhancing the modern look as you take a sip of an espresso at any of Paris’s cafes.

A navy blue blazer always does the trick

A navy blue blazer always does the trick


We’ve written a few posts about The Big Apple as it’s one of the most cosmopolitan and fashionable cities in the world. The city feels entrepreneurial, but not too formal. Match your shirt with a navy blue blazer and blend in NYC perfectly. We also recommend white pants to look fresh and bright, and topping of your ensemble with a pair of navy blue loafers.

Don't sweat the small stuff with a cotton shirt in the Savannah

Don’t sweat the small stuff with a cotton shirt in SA


South Africa is as diverse as any country, and is blessed with an ever-changing scenery every few kilometers. While the usual trip to the South may entail a safari, there’s nothing like discovering more of South Africa’s coastline. Hike up the mountains meeting the sea and feel one with the earth with a simple white short-sleeved shirt, a pair of khaki shorts, and a pair of durable walking shoes. If you’re in for an adventure, there’s no need to pack so much (especially dark colored clothes!). Discovering South Africa with a set of white shirts is enough. Don’t forget your suntan lotion though!

So where are you going now, Gypsetter? Take some shirts with you and don’t forget to always look your best with the simplest thing you own–the great white shirt.

Cheers and happy trails!

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