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Swimwear Beyond the Water: Moroccan Muse by Agua

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Have you ever bought a piece of clothing, only to repurpose it into something else? This is something peculiar to women and necessary, especially when traveling with precious limited suitcase space. A chambray button down shirt can easily act as a jacket. A kaftan can be worn as a beach cover up-cum-cocktail number. A scarf can become a shawl, a belt, a sarong, a halter or a dress (if long enough!). And of course, a bathing suit can become a top.


Hana maillot tanger (P4500)

This is why I love Agua: the swimwear brand of beautiful Spanish model and girl crush Fatima Rabago that promises to suit your lifestyle. Before Agua, I felt nervous to wear a “Brazilian” bikini in public but Fatima promised me her suits would provide enough coverage. After buying two suits and wearing them to the beach, I must admit they have become my favorite of all bikinis because instead of revealing too much, they flatter my curves. Furthermore, I realized other suits completely cover up what little “assets” I have (lots of puns intended, haha!).

Agua’s newest collection Moroccan Muse would make any gypsetter drool over its bright and colorful Moroccan prints on bikinis or maillots with bell sleeves, halter necklines and unexpected cut-outs – all with the same sexy styles and body-hugging fabrics the Brazilian swimwear line has offered since it first debuted in Manila. Agua suits are made with quality Lycra that offers optimal elasticity, breathability and style and its delicate material offers comfortability and form that promises to last four times longer than locally sourced swimsuits and activewear fabrics.


Fatima wears her favorite, the Raya maillot safin (P4200)

Fatima has styled these suits as tops since she brought her first collection from Brazil into the Philippines. If you ask which her favorite piece in the Moroccan Muse collection is, she’ll be quick to answer, “The Raya! It’s perfect with jeans and a blazer.” You can also pair the Raya maillot with a long maxi shirt or shorts and wear it out for lunch and shopping in Bali or visiting the markets in Vietnam. This is definitely one piece of clothing you wouldn’t mind bargaining around in Chatuchak because you know that after your shopping jaunt, you can immediately head to your hotel pool and enjoy a nice, relaxing swim.


Huma bikini tanger (P2750 each top and bottom)

Aside from daywear, these Agua swimsuits can be used to dress up for evening. Fatima loves this sexy little number, the Huma. “You can use the bikini as a top and wear it under a sheer blouse,” she says. Sexy and versatile, Agua bikinis and maillots are pieces that can easily complement your beach vacation wardrobe and best of all, the material is easy to fold and no need to iron.

Isn’t it time you started to rethink Brazilian swimwear, too? You can shop online for more pieces from the Morocca Muse collection here.


Nahla maillot in black

May all your gypsetting swimwear dreams come true,


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