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Ray-Ban Throws Some Shade Your Way

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Just walk around the city or go to the beach and look around you: everyone nowadays sports a pair of Ray-Ban shades, the perfect mix of cool and classic. It seems like the legendary eye wear brand prefers to remain exactly that by not opening its own stores all over the world save for its one flagship store-cum-music hall-cum-artists-exhibition space that opened just this year in trendy Soho, New York. Instead, the brand has opted to only erect temporary pop-up shops in key cities, indeed proving what YSL once said: fashions fade, style is eternal.


Bright lights, big city going on at the Ray-Ban Pop-Up Store

I love pop-up stores. It gives you that “here today, gone tomorrow” urgency of shopping that satiates the craving of instant gratification – not to mention getting to buy something that won’t be around later – talk about FOMO at its finest! Lucky Ray-Ban cultists can now shop at the first Ray-Ban Pop-Up Store in the Philippines, a temporary pop-up store at Level 1, Greenbelt 5, Makati City.


Yes you can ride this scooter around the store

Instead of a space that used to sell sparkly three-carat diamonds now sits a highly-Instagrammable urban, street-style store of neon and chain link fence, very  Rent-meets-Stomp but offering the most complete line of Ray-Ban frames and sunglasses you have ever laid eyes on in the country.

The new Ray-Ban Spring-Summer 2016 collections

The new Ray-Ban Spring-Summer 2016 collections and  a peek of me; flash lens Aviators (top) and the Lightrays (bottom)

Check out its new Spring Summer 2016 styles from the Havana collection, the new colors of trendy flash lens Aviator sunglasses, the cool Rounds John Lennon was famous for, now reinvented with new lightweight materials; the oversized Erika round frames in polarized lenses and of course all the well-loved classics like the Aviator and Wayfarer who have outlived even the actors who wore them back in the day.

The Ray-Ban Pop-Up Store is currently open until June 30, 2016.

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