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Phat Tats

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When I was 21, I decided to celebrate la vie bohemè by getting a belly ring.

Living in a West Los Angeles studio apartment, I was 15 minutes from Venice; 15 minutes from my office along Sunset Boulevard; 15 minutes from Santa Monica. I worked in a hotel during weekdays and went to desert raves on the weekends. My weekend wardrobe consisted of Melrose Avenue finds and I ran with a crowd as colorful as the city I lived in.

To me, the belly ring symbolized independence and not having to rely on my parents for anything. I liked it cause it felt exciting, yet I could hide it during corp-y work hours and display it while wearing cute crop tops on nights out. It was Bohemia Light for the person who didn’t want something so permanent as a tattoo, yet gave the same thrills. Plus, this was the 90s, when it was rare for a Filipina to don a belly ring. It was a sign of being non-conformist.

As for the other insignia stamped on the free-spirited, the tattoo never really interested me. It was such a commitment, though I’ve always appreciated their uniqueness and special meaning for those who wore them. In all honesty, perhaps I never got a tattoo cause I was kinda chicken. So I hung out with people who had them, instead.

But now we have Lulu DK tattoos.


Jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos created from the original artwork of New York designer Lulu deKwiatkowski, these phat tats allow a girl to express herself without the commitment. Beautiful, charming and fun, you can place them anywhere you like, mix it with your real jewelry and after 4-6 days, rub it off with baby oil and voilá, it’s gone!

I’d love to wear some of these on a special night out or at the beach when one can show off more skin (and more tats!).

These fantastic temporary tats are now available in Manila. There’s an event on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at Common Thread, Power Plant Mall, Makati where Lulu DK will be tatting you out with its latest designs while you shop. Come by and try it!

Lulu DK is available at Common Thread (Power Plant Mall and Greenbelt 5), Aura Athletica Power Plant Mall and High Street and soon after All Flip Flops in Boracay and the Olivia Store in Bacolod.

For more information on these tats, email, call +63917.814.6681 or follow them on Instagram @LULUDK_ph.

High Noon collection

High Noon collection

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