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Jewelmer Joaillerie’s 35 Golden Years

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There is a lot to love about the Philippines, the country I call home.

Aside from a friendly and warm people, good food, we have amazing natural landscapes- from mountains to forests and beaches, and traveling somewhere is always an adventure. I became a scuba diver at the age of 19 and though appreciative of our sealife, was mostly unaware that our waters have some of the most abundant marine biodiversity in the world. In fact, the 2005 Carpenter report states that it is exactly the epicenter, with the richest concentration of marine life on the planet. I went diving in Maui and Santorini, aand when my divemasters found out I was from the Philippines, they’d incredulously ask me, “Why are you diving here??!”

The producer of the golden South Sea pearl and international fine jewelry brand Jewelmer Joaillerie knew and believed the Philippines was a special place for marine life. 35 years ago, a French pearl farmer and a Filipino entrepreneur embarked on a journey to produce the world’s only golden South Sea pearl from the gold-lipped Pictada maxima oyster born only in the pristine waters of Palawan and create coveted jewelry from it. Tonight, Jewelmer Joaillerie celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Palawan, the last frontier

Palawan, the last frontier

Years of hard work and care have gone into producing this pearl: from research and development, creating sustainable environmental business practices, the re-education of the locals and training them in other livelihood projects aside from fishing, to breeding the oysters and nurturing them. Finally, when the pearls are harvested, Jewelmer Joaillerie’s fine artisans consider each pearl to visualize what design will best complement it. Marrying classic French tradition of jewelry-making and Filipino sensibilities, these truly breathtaking pieces are a perfect adornment for today’s woman of both style and substance, for everyday and grand occasions.


The golden South Sea pearl; Badjao pearl farmer; the Philippine National Gem on the P1,000 bill


New designs for the organic Tropics collection. Necklace features a baroque pearl

The golden South Sea pearl was proclaimed the National Gem in 1996 by former President Fidel V Ramos, adding even more prestige to the pearl. Jewelmer Joaillerie has gained much international attention and reaped several awards for its stunning jewelry design in addition to its business practices. Jewelmer Joaillerie first opened a boutique at The Peninsula Manila in 1985 and has since made a steady presence in over 10 boutiques around the country. Internationally, it is available in Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Chile, United States, China and for the first time for any Filipino jewelry company, Japan.  After all these years, Jewelmer Joaillerie is now available at the highly regarded Isetan and Mitsukoshi stores in Tokyo, Japan.

Jewelmer in Japan

Jewelmer Joaillerie in the prestigious Isetan, Japan


Stunning golden pearl rings new to the Bollicine collection

Jewelmer Joaillerie's new showroom at Glorietta 4

Jewelmer Joaillerie’s new showroom at Glorietta 4

lete en ville

A new design to Jewelmer Joaillerie: the gorgeous L’ete en Ville

This year, aside from its advocacies for Save the Palawan Seas Foundation, Jewelmer Joaillerie plans to give back to the community by continuing to rebuild homes of its pearl farmers affected by Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda, offering pearl talks at the School of Fashion and the Arts and dubbing into Filipino the eco-documentary Planet Ocean by OMEGA and the Good Planet Foundation.

Bon Anniversaire Jewelmer Joaillerie! We are proud to have you represent the beauty of the Philippines and looking forward to celebrating your 35 years at the grand gala tonight. To know more about Jewelmer Joaillerie, click here.

Jewelmer Joaillerie teams up with Planet Ocean

Jewelmer Joaillerie teams up with Planet Ocean. Photo by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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