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Hair, Meet Wardrobe

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I have thin, fine, straight hair, which curly-haired girls sigh over but for girls like me, volume is a big issue. I’ve tried every tip I could find online to give it more volume: putting on conditioner first before shampooing or the more drastic “no poo” method of not shampooing my hair for a whole month (which my sister said made me look like I got caught in a windstorm) and made my hair feel extremely dry. I tried using only a vinegar rinse but it made me paranoid the whole time about how my hair smelled. I once was in a room full of Indian women with their thick, raven hair and all I could do was gush how beautiful their hair was and they only complained what a pain it was to manage. You just can’t win!

One of my best hair weekends included being in Boracay for 3 days and not washing it once. The combination of salt water, wind and sun gave it that voluminous, piece-y beach hair you thought was only a myth. Though I can’t be at the beach all the time, I’m happy to report there are some lovely products out there that can make your hair feel and look the way you want it, such as Toni & Guy.

Hair is important in giving polish to a look you are aiming for. Though beachy hair is perfect for everyday, I wouldn’t wear it with a glam dress on a big evening out. The British brand Toni & Guy invited The Gypsetters to co-host the event Hair Meet Wardrobe at The Gallery Greenbelt 5 and talk about London Fashion Week’s Spring Summer 2015 fashion trends and specific hair trends. Using four categories as our guide, Casual, Creative, Glam and Classic, we chose to dress four fellow gypsetting women who we thought matched each category, based on their personal style. Toni & Guy Essensuals’ style expert and super cool Benj Hilado, who trained at Toni & Guy Essensuals in London and lived there for several years, styled our girls’ hair with specific products perfect for each look and knowing our girls, we worked together with stylist Sara Nicolas for their individual fashion statements.


Shauna Jay Popple and Toni & Guy’s Sea Salt Texturizing Spray


For Casual, we chose the spunky girl-next-door half-British, half-Filipina Shauna Jay Popple, the PR and Communications Manager of Brand Gateway Inc. who has a devil-may care attitude towards trends or labels. For Shauna, Benj gave the Pop-Down Pony, urban beach hair with tousseled texture using with Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, a product that mimics that lovely messy hair that Shauna achieves on an everyday basis. Her secret? “I don’t brush my hair!” she giggles. Inspired by designer Helen Lawrence’s summer in the city aesthetic, we dressed this sweetheart in a modern 50’s-inspired look: a white crop top and seafoam green skirt by Ever New, over-sized denim jacket by Promod, a little handbag by Ever New and last but not the least, an accessory any poodle-skirt lover would lust over, luxe oversized grey cat-eye sunglasses by Linda Farrow.


Sarah Rosser and Heat Protection Mist


For the Creative look, we chose sexy and feisty British Sarah Rosser, who absolutely commands attention whenever she walks into any room. A Pilates instructor and co-owner of night club Time Manila, Sarah is constantly changing her look, from her hair color to cut, depending on what’s current for her. Benj went all out on her short blonde hair with eclectic, textured braids and a pompadour called Rebel Twist. She rocked her look influenced by the Jungle is Massive, ravewear-inspired collection of Louie Alsop with an olive green jacket by Promod, pink neon neoprene swimsuit top and funky camo cargo pants by Jennyfer, stud earrings by Parfois and a gun-printed clutch bag by Saint Laurent.

Marielle Santos-Po and Shine Gloss Serum


For the Classic category we choose the always polished, chic and put-together Marielle Santos-Po. Marielle seamlessly juggles her roles as wife, mother, The Philippine Star contributor and entrepreneur as co-founder of the resort line Positano. A retail princess whose family owns Cinderella and distributes the brands, Esprit, Mexx, British India amongst others, Marielle wore her own brands: a fluid silk blouse by Mexx, white jacket and pantsuit by Esprit, all which complemented a vintage Christian Dior clutch to go with Vivienne Westwood Red Label’s look of ne engaged with the world. Benj gave her modern, minimalist hair called the Classic Sweep using Toni & Guy’s shine gloss serum.

Cristina Cu and Serum Drops


Last but not the least, the Glam look was modeled by easy-going, California-vibing Cristina Cu, who looks great in anything, dressed up or down. With her gorgeous tresses, Cristina often inspires hair envy! Formerly with Unilever and now Marketing Manager for Joseph, Cristina evoked the carefree attitude of Matthew Williamson’s SS15 hot, lengthy summer where distinct femininity and languid silhouettes rule in a paisley printed top and pop of color skirt and clutch bag – all by Joseph. Benj had fun with her hair for luxe volume and iridescent shine in the Flirtatious Bounce using Toni & Guy’s delicious Serum Drops.


The Hair Meet Wardrobe event not only featured the Spring-Summer 2015 Hair Trends Collection but also highlighted the unique style and versatility of Toni & Guy. Decades of expertise enabled the brand to define cool, high fashion hair styling. Since 1963, the ‘Hair Meet Wardrobe’ philosophy of Toni & Guy has completed the looks of every season – from the streets of London to Manila and other countries across the globe and The Gypsetters was honored to be associated with such a prestigious brand. Thank you to Toni & Guy for a fun event and biggest hug to our “models” who looked amazing that night! Even our friends were amazed at how gorgeous everyone’s hair was, saying that we should do it like that all the time (especially Marielle who looked quite different from her everyday look!). Now if only we could steal Benj to do our hair all the time…


Toni & Guy hair products are available in department stores and select drug stores.

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