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Fashionable Causes

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They say when one door closes, a window of opportunity opens.

Two years ago, international bag designer Rocio Olbes left her namesake label. She became chairman of her grandfather’s foundation and went on a mission to support human rights and help abused street women.

A bright idea was then born to meld these two passions into one project.

Immediately on-board for this idea was Rocio’s close cousin Natalia Soriano Cruz, an award-winning photographer based in California. Hailing from the multi-talented Revilla-Soriano clan (which include up and coming filmmaker Paul Soriano, recently married to actress Toni Gonzaga; model and owner of organic restaurant Wholesome Table Bianca Araneta-Elizalde; Metro Society editor Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario and many others), Natalia has an innate artistic sensibility that would make the passion project great. “I believe it’s important to never forget where your roots are from and to realize you can make a difference in this world, no matter where you are,” says Natalia.

Natalia and Rocio pooled their talents and humanitarian sides together to create elegant fashion accessories that not only showed Filipino pride and craftsmanship but also created sustainable livelihoods for these women in need of a new future. Thus, HENRY was born.


The Penelope weekender

Elegant and versatile, HENRY bags combine traditional solihiya Filipino weaving techniques and hand-stitching with luxe materials such as dyed python. But what truly makes each Henry bag unique are the women who lovingly craft each bag. Each bag is handmade and 25% percent of all profits from HENRY go toward a livelihood fund for these marginalized women. “It doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone’s life,” says Rocio. “Effort and kindness are truly all that is needed. Do all things with a grateful heart and remember to love and laugh.”

California Henry girls

California girls with HENRY

HENRY bags will be shown in Bloomingdale’s Beverly Hills and New York this year and are currently available through its website Follow HENRY on Instagram at henry_wear.

Henry owners

HENRY Co-founders Natalia Soriano-Cruz and Rocio Olbes

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