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Arm Candy

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Women go through all sorts of evolutions when it comes to relationships, careers and personal style, ‘cause life just happens. I know fashionable women who wouldn’t be caught dead without heels but have moved abroad and ended up changing their shoe style simply because cobblestoned streets don’t agree with their choice of footwear. Other women leave their jobs and find their coordinated suits no longer fit their new lifestyle. Then there are women who start doing something as a passion project and somehow it becomes a full-fledged business and then some. Missing from Manila but making her stylish presence felt in San Francisco is Leica Carpo Argosino, who owns her own public relations firm in Manila, ARC Public Relations, Inc and has begun a hobby of making bracelets, which has become a mini-business, with over 100 bracelets sold since May 2014. There is nothing a gypsetter likes bettr than to pile on easy to wear jewelry that speaks to them.

Here we ask the designer about her design process and what influences her. For orders, you may contact Leica directly through

What influences you when you design your bracelets?

Nature and fashion for colors. I look at my favorite wardrobe pieces: an Alexander McQueen black leather knee high boot I love but have worn only once, which is why I love to incorporate skulls in some of my pieces. The sea for my starfish pieces. Old family crests and things with history is why I use fleur de lys and I just pick things that appeal to me. My pieces are not flashy and very personal. It’s subtle bling- if there is such a thing.

What are some design aesthetics one can find in your bracelets?

For shapes I work classic shapes for now, such as hammered circles and pebble shaped. Down the road I plan to have pieces forged and letters (I’ve been considering having an artist friend to create the alphabet for my line but it looks like I will have to make my own—it’s my next project.

What have you learned throughout this design process?

I’m improving technique and finishing techniques as I make more pieces.

What’s in store for your bracelet-making?

I will work on marketing pieces later this year once I have enough of a collection (50 pieces) to showcase. Also, I plan to work with some Filipino jewelers for certain pieces when I go back to Manila for a visit.

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