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The Parisian Home by Alicia Sy

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It’s common knowledge to people in Manila that Town & Country’s Lifestyle Editor, Alicia Colby Sy has impeccable taste. From the styling on the pages of the magazine to her own home, Alicia has a knack for taking old world sophistication into the modern era. Here are some of her favorite places to shop for all things design and decor in Paris with things that can fill your bookshelves, kitchen shelves and everything else in between.

Love and Light, Stephanie 

BULY 1803

Where: 6 Rue Bonaparte, 75006

Yes, it was built in 1803, and Buly’s fragrances were the Chanel No. 5 in its heyday. The present store is now owned by a husband-wife team who keep the original scent with a modern twist–no parabens or other harmful chemicals. Now that’s something to bring home.

Books, glorious books


Where: 35 Rue Bonaparte 75006

There’s no mistaking Assouline’s signature red walls and De Stijl art style on its shelves. The books here are all about culture, art, architecture, fashion… just about anything that inspires your mind. There are also stationery sets for those who love collecting notepads and other accessories.



Where: 18-20 Rue Coquillière, 75001

Paris is the home of great food, and it’s no wonder that the city has a myriad of cookware shops around. One of the most famous store is E. Dehillerin, with aisles of cooking gear for the serious chef. The store is famous for its specialty copper pots and pans, as well as different knives and baking tools.

Cire Trudon is the oldest wax-producing factory


Where: 78, rue de Seine – 75006

Positioned by the famous River Seine, Cire Trudon sells beautiful candles and other wax products–great souvenirs for the home! Its history dates back to 1643 and it was once in Rue Saint Honore, and today Cire Trudon is a luxury that brings light for any event and any romantic dinner.



Where: 46 Rue du Bac, 75007

If there’s one store that will open your eyes in amazement, it’s Deyrolle. It’s a taxidermy store that’s been in business since 1831 and aims to give viewers a sense of wonder for the natural world. Its interesting interiors are photogenic that it appeared in Midnight in Paris (featured in a previous post)

Not only does Flamant's creations look good, but they feel good, too.


Where: 8 Rue de l’Abbaye, 75006

Flamant is a home decor store that keeps buyers coming back because of its warm and homey feel. Flamant is inspired by several art styles and designs, combines tradition and modernism, and reinvents the idea of hospitality with personality.

Structured furniture is central to Hervé Van der Straeten's creative process.


Where: 11 Rue Ferdinand Duval, 75004

Furniture-making meets architecture at Van Der Straeten’s showroom in Paris. His creations combine a traditional yet contemporary look and feel, much like Paris’s identity. Handcrafted by Van Der Straeten himself, these works of art are ideal for any edgy, modern home that needs a bit of Parisian touch.

Muriel Grateau is a delight for the senses.


Where: 37 Rue de Beaune, 75007

Grateau’s website contains a link to the “Art of the Table,” and it features a collection of minimalist yet colorful silverware, glasses, tableware and linens to complement any home, anywhere. Grateau, a designer and one of Paris’s most celebrated creative minds, also makes leather goods and jewelries.



Where: 6th Arrondissement

Translated to “The Left Bank” in English, Rive Gauche was known to be the place of artists, musicians, writers and philosophers of different times. Today it’s known as the antique area in Paris, with all its vintage finds and classy restaurants that exude a old-world feel.



Where: 110 Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen

Antique dealers and hunters flock to Marche Serpette for unique and rare finds. For travelers with a love for something different, Serpette tempts the would-be buyer with beautiful finds and other exciting surprises.

Lagerfeld is a logophile.


Where: 7 Rue de Lille, 75007 Paris

This bookstore was created by Karl Lagerfeld himself and showcases a treasure trove of books on photo and art, not to mention fashion and design. Don’t forget to drop by this iconic bookstore if you have a need to broaden your horizon. Who knows, you might be in the presence of Lagerfeld himself.

Terracotta is Astier de Villate's specialty.


Where: 173 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001

Paris seems to have a love for scents, because there are several stores that sell luxury scented candles, perfume, and incense. One of them is Astier de Villate, and their products have a worldly history. From India to Italy, their scents travel everywhere until they arrive in this shop in Paris, ready for buyers who enjoy a good whiff of vanilla or lavender.

The history of Puiforcat's silverware and cutlery date back to 1820.


Where: 48 Avenue Gabriel, 75008

Straightforward and architectural, Puiforcat’s silverware is inspired by Art Deco, and since then has been a staple in many posh households. It’s now owned by the Hermes group, giving the brand a higher place in the world of design. The history of Puiforcat’s silverware and cutlery dates back to 1820, but it garnered fame a century later.

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