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Chiner like L’Indochine

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Chiner is the French word for what every Gypsetter loves to do… Roam around markets, uncover a spectacular find, so special and singular… An embroidered pillow from the hill tribes of Vietnam, hammered silver from Thailand, block prints from India… The Gypsetter home is not so much about just simply emulating global style but more about truly bringing a piece of the world home through unique, well sought products that are either a memento of a fantastic journey or a teaser of the future adventures that lie ahead.

Charlene Carlos and Leona Panutat, founders of the gypset treasure trove L’Indochine, are two passionate women crazy about décor and the colorful life. They have done what all Gypsetters dream to do – that is travel for a living. And with that, they have traveled across the globe to find that unique item destined for reverie. Picked from vibrant and diverse markets around Asia or straight from the hands of indigenous artisans, Charlene and Leona bring the best of the region into the home.

They share tips on what, why, and how they shop around Asia—and how we all can look for that lovable souvenir to display in the living room.


Accents from different countries in South and Southeast Asia

The Gypsetters Net: Where are your favorite places in Asia to shop?

L’Indochine: 1. THAILAND- We always find amazing products every time we visit! Indigo dyed blankets, Hmong embroidered purses, gorgeous silks. It’s impossible to leave that country without being overweight.

2. INDIA- Linens! We’re crazy about their beautiful block print and embroidered pillow cases, sheets and comforters. We absolutely love their dhurries too!

3. VIETNAM- no one does lacquer quite like the Vietnamese!

Hmong (Thailand) children

Hmong (Thailand) children

TGN: Any tips when purchasing things while you travel?

L’Indochine: Research on what particular craft that country is now for and try to bring a piece home. When you see something that you love, BUY IT! Chances are you won’t be able to go back for it.

Charlene (left) and Leona (right) travel not just to shop but also experience different cultures around the world!

Leona (left) and Charlene (right) travel not just to shop but also experience different cultures around the world!

TGN: As the inspiration seekers, what has been your biggest inspirations so far?

L’Indochine: Our families and homes are our greatest inspirations. Each trip has us searching for special items to add to our eclectic collection of travel mementos. We love bringing home one of a kind products that tell a story in the hopes that our children will hold on to them and pass them on along with the memories that go with them.

TGN: Favorite items to purchase when you are abroad?

L’Indochine: Fabric is surely a must-buy along with jewelry and ceramics!


Linens, throw pillows, and rugs from India

TGN: Any destination you’d like to explore further?

L’Indochine: We’d love to explore Istanbul! Carpets, evil eyes, ceramics, glass lamps and jewelry! The list goes on and on!

A market hallway in Turkey

A market hallway in Turkey

Visit their blog at The Inspiration Seekers and drop by L’Indochine on the 3rd floor in SM Aura, Taguig.

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