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Boho Babes

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Batik tipis, pint sized triangle pillows, mini-rattan chairs and generous poufs – what’s not to love about DUDUK? The boho brand brings that distinct global chic vibe that we all love to the wonderful world of children with their beautiful hand crafted furniture and design accessories in their signature batik prints and happy colors. The brainchild of two Dutch designers, Naomi Pescheux and Judith Bakker who met while they were both living in Indonesia, the brand was born out of their common love for beautiful textiles and a desire to combine entrepreneurship and motherhood.

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Duduk is derived from the Indonesian word “to sit” so all the pieces are designed to either sit on or in them. From what I gather, “duduk” is also a way of life, as you see quite a few people hanging out on the side walks, sitting, huddled together chatting or simply watching the world go by. It’s representative of the mindfulness of childhood – enjoying that very particular and specific magical moment as it unfolds.

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Although the brand did start with Indonesian roots, it has grown to be one in that is expanding and adapting to today’s ever inter-connecting global lifestyle. Both women have now moved out of their original base and still manage to make their brand flourish thanks to the internet. This business model seems to be the new norm. The great advantage of this is that they have been able to source other suppliers and products from other countries and are slowly integrating them to their line. They are also conscious of their production line preferring small artisan communities to large scale factories in order to truly make a positive socio-economic impact.

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One of the other things that resonate with us here at The Gypsetters Net is how all of Duduk’s products help perpetuate artisanal crafts. The Batik process is in fact classified by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of Indonesia. Owning a piece made with batik fabric is a way to integrate this beautiful culture into our everyday lives. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids about this. We also love how they constantly have to travel to make their business run. Yes. It’s an “obligation” to travel – how lucky! That being said – do check out Naomi’s favorite places in Bali here.

duduk batik fabric

I can not stress enough how much I just love, love, LOVE all of Duduk’s pieces. It sincerely makes me want to have another baby just so that I can decorate another nursery again. In fact, it makes me want to be a child all over again. Growing up in Manila in the 80’s meant I had wall to wall carpeting, floral wallpaper and white painted Laura Ashley style furniture… While it was a pretty room, it didn’t leave much to adventure and imagination (although I did continually manage to constantly make a mess!) these pieces dress up a bright white space that in fact would look great even if it was a mess.

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I find these little hand made rattan chairs absolutely adorable. They’re made with a soft and stretchy t-shirt fabric that’s really comfortable to sit on.

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The pillow are absolutely wonderful and I think should not be confined to the realm of the children’s room. They would look lovely in a lanai or a beach house or can easily brighten up a simple white couch or arm chair. The poufs are also a nice option for small spaces – like in a studio or one bedroom apartment. You could use them as an alternative to bulky armchairs or dining chairs. These would be perfect to pull up to a coffee table for relaxed entertaining.

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Duduk is currently available at L’Indochine stores with their widest selection in their SM Megamall branch. You can also shop Duduk online at .

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