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Old World Charm at Chateau Yering, Yarra Valley Australia

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For some time now I have been missing Downton Abbey and been waiting patiently for their upcoming fifth season. In the meantime I have been quenching my thirst for British Old World civility by exhausting every possible period drama available – from Upstairs, Downstairs to Mr. Selfridge to The Paradise and even the much more contemporary Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond and slapstick rom-com Austenland. I walk to walk through lush, manicured gardens, reading a book under a parasol then head back to the manor for tea and crumpets. Play a game of whist by the fireplace after a long formal dinner and enjoy lengthy, meaningful conversations over a glass of sherry. And while perhaps good Old Britannia has been having a terribly undesirable damp and rainy season (hope your lovely hats aren’t too soggy Queen Elizabeth!) we can look to spectacular weather Down Under and Chateau Yering truly sets the scene for your inner Lord and Lady Granthams.

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Coming into their Autumn season, Chateau Yering in the heart of wine country in the Yarra Valley is the perfect place to escape and immerse yourself in the deliciously slow time of the countryside and wile observing the excitement of harvest season. This historic Victorian homestead nestled in over 250 acres of gardens and green dating back to 1854 offers guests a travel back into time with charming decorated luxury accommodations, five-star service and even a wine cellar housing bottles from vintages as early as 1840! Their multiple award winning restaurant, Eleonore’s uses true old world silver and footman in fine livery to serve their spectacular seasonal and regional cuisine, but the one factor that draws me in the most is that denim is banned. Nothing ruins a perfectly good vintage set-up than a trendy pair of torn jeans. Let me pack up my best frock and hat to board the first steamer over!

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