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Not Your Grandma’s Jewelry

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I’ve always felt a twang of jealousy when I encounter women who have inherited beautiful things from their mothers or grandmothers and made it their own. There is something special about beloved items that have been passed down from generation to generation, especially jewelry. It doesn’t have to be an engagement ring or wedding ring – it can also be your father’s signet ring or old college ring that a son might feel proud to wear.

For my birthday gift to myself earlier this year, I bought a pair of gorgeous earrings by my friend and jewelry designer, Nicole Whisenhunt. All her fine jewelry pieces are LOVE. Art-deco inspired and made of lapis lazuli and gold and adorned with small freshwater pearls, these earrings are special to me and timeless enough for me that I feel I can wear them forever or even pass them down to future grandchildren, should I be blessed with any.

While browsing online, I came across the new fine jewelry line by the house of Martin Margiela on The New York Times’ blog T and instantly fell in love with its drool-worthy pieces. Inspired by traditional family heirlooms but given its fresh Margiela twist, these gem-adorned 18-carat gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings and yes, even rings are beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry that can be worn by anyone who wishes to do so, no boyfriend necessary.



The simple, streamlined rings and bracelets that have no stones that are wonderful but the deconstructed Pompadour rings and earrings with the gorgeous blue sapphires and the Solitaire and Alliance diamond rings are breathtaking. It’s not the size of the stones: it’s the whole package of out-of-the box designs as well as the juxtaposition of the material that grabs your attention.


A favorite is the diamond and white gold bisected Solitaire “non-engagement” ring, two half-moon shaped half-carat diamonds joined together by a band that wraps around the finger yet doesn’t meet. I love the fact that each diamond meets each other halfway, just as two people in a relationship should. Rather than being one entity, the diamonds are two joined together. On the blog it is quoted, “It is called a non-engagement ring due to the fact that Maison Martin Margiela never ascribes a particular role or use for our creations,” wrote the representative of the fashion house. “This ring can and should be worn by the engaged and the non-engaged alike. By women, by men, as sign of burgeoning love or a loving friendship.”

The Solitaire ring

The Solitaire ring

Those who are lucky to receive jewelry from a loved one, we hate you. No, seriously, count your lucky stars. But while waiting for that to happen, there is no reason why you can’t gift yourself some beautiful pieces, just for being you. Check out more Heirloom collection on or Barney’s.


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