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Living Large Down at Downton Abbey

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I love Downton Abbey. Those who have finished Season 5 will find this season the most controversial of all. The plot twists, specially those of Edith and her baby, discrimination, blackmail, secret love affairs and more absolutely give Melrose Place a run for its money! I adore how simple everything seemed back then and it was a treat to see how today’s modern issues such as interracial or inter-religious marriage, a baby out of wedlock, or marital affairs start to plague our beloved characters.

It’s a pity that the 6th season will be its final run (read more about this sad news here) but Downton Abbey fans like myself can continue to love the period drama and relive our favorite moments of the series by living at the estate itself!

According to this article in The Telegraph, you can now envision yourself as an aristocrat or at the very least, a Mrs. Crawley, for a mere £350 a night at London Lodge, the newly refurbished guest lodge of Highclere Castle in Hampshire, the real life location for the period drama. Its owners, the Carnarvon family, restored two 1840 buildings on the estate located on either side of the Georgian gatehouse, which was built in 1793.


The grand gate built in 1743; sitting rooms feature a wood-burning stove; Highclere Castle; cozy rooms good for 2

Lucky guests who caught bookings will find Cotswold-cottage inspired accommodations that include a guest room, a sitting room and  a cosy kitchen. Since the announcement of the opening of London Lodge, all the available dates in spring have already sold out but thankfully the Countess of Carnarvon has indicated they will be more availability during summer and autumn when the castle is also open for public viewing. For more information of booking a room at Downton Abbey, email With the more affordable flights to London from Manila, I think it’s high time I booked myself a trip over there! If you are fortunate enough to book a stay at London Lodge before me, here’s a little word of advice: beware the underbutler.

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