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Just Beach It

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Anse Source d’Argent

The waves are calling. The wide blue sky is reaching out to you. The smell of that salty sea air tickles your nose. The sand squishes between your toes. The palm trees sway side to side, and your hammock swings gently with the breeze. Whether you are already there or its all in your mind, the beach beckons. Here’s a quick roundup of sandy paradise links to supply wanderlust for your next trip.

Glass Beach

Glass beach near Fort Bragg, California

If you’ve been to all the usual beach resorts around the world, maybe it’s time to discover somewhere new, like these exotic beaches. Feeling like you want to go off the beaten path? Then check out these unusual beaches. If the call of cerulean ocean is more your speed, we’ve found a bunch of A-list locations recommended by Luxury Travel Magazine for you. Will you be in the US to celebrate the 4th of July weekend? Road trips are always fun with a group. Take a coastal drive and visit some of the country’s best beaches.

Paul Gauguin Cruises along Polynesia

Paul Gauguin Cruises along Polynesia

Conde Nast Traveler gives you many good reasons to take a family-friendly cruises around Polynesia. Not too fond of sand between your toes? Then take a cruise and see it as part of your view as this group of islands are just stunning to look at. Who knows – you might just end up wanted to come ashore after all.

Make sure that when you travel to your beach destination you take care of all your electronics. No matter how careful you are with your phone, things happen. Your phone might fall into the sand while on your way to the bar to pick up your margarita or, worse, it might fall into the ocean as you take your #beachselfie. Don’t fret, the net has answers!  IPhone users can buy the Tethys Ultrapouch online–or these durable cases for that matter. Android phones, however, are more flexible. Here are 8 beach-ready Android phones that you can get, or might already have.

Happy weekend!

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