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A Little Free Wheeling

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Every parent knows that traveling with your kiddos means packing a whole bunch of stuff…. Diapers, toys, snacks, extra clothes, more extra clothes, baby wipes, books… You realize how little you actually need as an adult and 80% of your own hand carry becomes allotted to them. Sure, you can technically bring another hand carry just for them but we only have two hands right? And in comes the perfect solution – the Rimowa Salsa Air Mini. Unlike other suitcases designed for kids, which are probably really cute with faces, animals and all kinds of gimmicks… This one is a REAL suitcase with enough space to fit all that your little ones need. It’s also light enough at 3.5 lbs with 4 wheels that rotate 360 degrees so that they can easily push, pull, spin and wheel this one around.

rimowa mini 1

My son Sebastian loves suitcases and would always push around my own hand carry. “Push the valise!” He exclaims using the french term. When he arrived at the Rimowa event he was thrilled to have one of his own and at his own size. The adjustable handle made it easy for him to maneuver. And as soon as we left he refused to let us help him. He wanted to wheel it around himself. I suddenly have images of us in the airport with him being totally responsible for his own stuff. How great is that!

rimowa mini 3

This is definitely on the Lust List of any traveling parent and honestly they are so cute and practical… I’d probably borrow it from him for a quick overnight getaway!

A Rimowa Salsa Air Mini retails for P22,300 and can be purchased in any Rimowa Store and at Adora in Greenbelt 5. It comes in 5 different colors. We took the white one so that Sebastian can personalize it with stickers. So far he’s been using it for sleepovers at his lolo and lola’s house but pretty soon we’ll be able to see it in full action when we head to Germany this July.

rimowa mini 4

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