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Wanderlusting Wine

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The truth is I am partial to French wine simply because I am most familiar with it. I understand how things work – the regions, the vintages, the blends and varietals… I am also quite familiar with many New World wines – a great Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a hearty malbec from Argentina and friendly carmenere from Chile – making it rather easy for me to choose a decent bottle in most wine lists. I am however extremely lost when it comes to Californian wines. And while the obvious stunning selection like Opus One pops out, the truth is I won’t really be able to pick out a jammy, fruity, punch-in-your-nose bottle from a delightful sophisticated one.

And thus the necessity of a good sommelier.

While having dinner at the iconic San Francisco establishment, Restaurant Gary Danko, I was the designated wine selector, but with a wine list that looked more like a short novel, I was simply clueless. I explained that I would like to discover something from the region, gave him my price range and more importantly the style I was looking for. We wanted a Bordeaux style wine, with a nice velvety lushness and some maturity. He directed us to a Jordan 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon which with a little bit of time to breathe was excellent. It became lush and smooth with rich tannins. Gorgeous and complex on the nose with black cherries and hint of leather and cedar. A bit aloof and tight at first it unwound into something extremely pleasant and beautiful. Much like meeting someone intriguing at a party who needed a bit of time to warm up and ease into his charm. As the sommelier remarked “if I had been stuck fourteen years in a bottle I would need a bit of time to stretch my legs.”

jordan picnic

This particular wine, along with the beautiful moments that accompanied it, shared by my husband, my sister and my mother, laughing ourselves into tipsiness, lingered in my memory and my palate. I did some research on it upon returning home and discovered how stunning their property is. Definitely our next trip our to California will include a visit to Jordan Winery in Sonoma Valley.

I love how a bottle of wine can make you travel. Usually it’s because it may remind you of a place, or a nostalgic moment… Or the aromas will transport you. But in this case, this great bottle of wine prodded me to do a little research, resulting in some major wanderlust. I see myself enjoying a gorgeous harvest picnic outdoors, basking in the golden glow of the gentle indian summer sun and languidly sipping a glass of their wine… I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Love and light,


jordan vines

Come late in the summer, right before harvest to see the vines in full glory.


jordan pond

Simply stunning. I’d love to teleport myself here this weekend in the company of a good glass of wine and a good book.


jordan tree

The perfect spot for a siesta after a little too much wine.


jordan winery

The beautiful classic exterior of the winery reflecting the classic, French winemaking style.


jordan cows

Beyond wine, Jordan’s estate also produces olive oil and has a small farm that caters to the needs of their chef.



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  1. Avatar Lisa Mattson says:

    Thanks so much for the lovely post. We look forward to hosting you on your next visit to wine country.

    Lisa Mattson

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