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Sky Commute with Uberchopper & GrabHeli

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As you sit day after day in traffic or “carmaggedon,” you wonder if the madness will never end. Though we bemoan it everyday in Manila, especially during the December holidays, it’s a worldwide phenomenon (just check out’s list of top 10 worst traffic jams around the world here). The more cars people buy and the bigger the populations, the worse this urban issue is going to get.

I personally love my car. I love to drive and be in control of where I am going and when I am going to get there. But I also hate being stuck in traffic, especially when I’m supposed to be somewhere important, like two hours ago.

Thank the Lord for forward-thinking transportation companies like Uber and Grab Taxi.

More than just international car service companies, these two companies have literally elevated their game with new helicopters charters conducted through local helicopter carriers, minted Uberchopper and GrabHeli.


Since 2013, Uberchopper has been staging one-day-only special promotions in certain cities such as Jakarta, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Melbourne and in November 2015 together with Air Trav, Manila. Uberchopper is available for charter to special major events or weekend-only flying, like from New York City to The Hamptons. These flights are usually cost-based and the fare includes an Uber car that picks you up at your destination.

Manila is happy to now have GrabHeli, a partnership between Grab Taxi and PhilJets, as an option to fly friendlier through the skies. Philjets is a helicopter charter company that also offers fractual ownership for businesses or busy entrepreneurs. It’s been busy promoting tourism in the country through aerial tours to places like Tagaytay, Mount Pinatubo, Palawan, Manila Bay, Sagada, Banaue and more. It currently transports clients from Makati to Global City and now through GrabHeli it will be easier for harried individuals to get from one location to another in and around the metro.

Through Uberchopper and GrabHeli, transportation is a breeze by booking through each respective company’s mobile app and you don’t need to think about where you parked your vehicle, unfortunately prices are still only for those who can afford more than the usual commute. Uberchopper costs around US$250 for a 15-minute ride in Hong Kong while GrabHeli promotional fare is P3,888 or US$82 for a 15-minute helicopter ride around the metro. Still, this is not a bad price to pay for those who cannot afford private charter.

Maybe we can talk to Uber or Grab Taxi and create an amazing Ubergypset or GrabGypset service…live acoustic guitar music and white sangria while en route…

Find out if Uberchopper is coming to your city here and read more about GrabHeli on Rappler here.

May all your high-flying gypsetting dreams come true,


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