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The Maldives

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Why go: To find yourself on a tiny dot in the middle of the Indian Ocean faraway from everything with the love of your life. Flying solo? Book yourself on a scuba diving live-aboard with some friends for the amazing underwater wonders.

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What to pack: There is no place for surfer board shorts or beach bum attire in this luxurious paradise. Beach chic is the name of the game. Polished sexy swimwear with matching cover-ups, breezy tropical summer dresses, bejewelled sandals and wedges, bold accessories… Gentlemen could definitely pack some soft cotton shirts and crisp linens.

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Love / Lust: We loved our resort the Park Hyatt Hadahaa! But definitely lusting over the Four Seasons Explorer luxury live-aboard.

four seasons explorer


Stay: The Maldives is all about choosing the right resort to suit your personality. Itis important to note that most of the time you can’t hop from one resort to another so choose wisely in terms of what is most important to you. Food, activities, spa treatments… Park Hyatt Hadahaa was a gorgeous escape that offered fantastic food, beautiful contemporary design and impeccable views of the ocean.

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Eat: Arrange a private barbecue on the beach, with gorgeous grilled seafood, the setting sun.

Drink: Rose by sunset and bubbly if you’re celebrating. Happy hour is best spent on the beach on comfy beanbags watching the world turn as pink as your glass.

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Do: Scuba diving is a must! Or for the faint of heart, snorkeling at the very least. While the pristine white sands are breathtaking, the underwater life is just as stunning! Or you can simply just do NOTHING… and lay on the beach and melt into time… (note: dive photos from the Four Seasons website)

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Shop: Don’t bother.

OST: Paradise by Coldplay

Reading Material: Fashion Magazines for lounging in the sun and Willem Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe for that castaway feel.

Season: With a tropical climate, make sure to go during the dry season between December and April. You don’t want to have your entire holiday rained on… unless some cozy room time was what you were looking for in the first place!

In the know: If you would like to see the famous Manta Rays, be sure to book a resort in the Northern Atolls of the Maldives.


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