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Goo Be Gone!

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My upright polycarbonate luggage set has been my best traveling companion for the past two years. Aside from its sleek look and ample storage space, these are a breeze to navigate around airports, taking off luggage carousel and loading into trunk space. Really, in all the plane travel they have done, I only have one complaint about these suitcases: the sticky residue that baggage tags leave on its smooth surface, especially for a procrastinator like me who forgets to take them off right away.


Every OCD’s nightmare: handle and luggage goo

I just recently came from a month of traveling around the United States which included flying from Manila to San Francisco, San Francisco to New York, New York to San Diego, San Diego to San Francisco then finally San Francisco back to Manila, which created 5 baggage tags that I had to cut off or remove from the suitcases! Not only did it leave a sticky mess to the touch but also collects dust when in storage. Really eww.

Has anyone watched that movie Envy starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black where Jack Black’s character invents a magical product that makes dog poo disappear and he becomes a zillionaire? I have found a similar product – but instead of poo it makes sticky messes disappear!


Rip off that tag as soon as you get home or you’ll be sorry; the magic product

Though I had bought it a year ago when it was first recommended by Vanessa Santos on, it was my first time to try Grandma’s Secret Goo Remover upon my return this June 2015. Truth be told, I was a little skeptical on how it would work. I sprayed this product directly onto the black sticky residue and let it sit a couple minutes. The directions on the bottle said to wipe it off with a damp cloth, and when I did OMG the sticky black mess totally disappeared, making my suitcases look like new again.


Like brand new

Thanks Van, this product is spectacular and I highly recommend it to other travelers out there who use polycarbonate or other hard shell material luggage. You can also use it for other gooey stains from bubble gum to candle wax. For those who need it in their life, you can order it on every gypsetters’ favorite online shop, seektheuniq. Happy (and clean) travels!

May all your gypsetting dreams come true,


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