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Bull Runs, Folk Art, Food Fests…

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It’s the height of summer in the other side of the world, and most of the festivals in Europe and the US are at their peak, too. Around this time some travelers have look for an adrenaline rush; others seek the streets for a new kind of dish, while some look for unusual finds that they can take back as souvenirs for their homes. Whatever they’re looking for, they’re searching for one thing: an out-of-the ordinary experience. This is why many of us Gypsetters love traveling the world for festivals–we find something different and new, and all what we sense is something worth celebrating. In the next few days, find something that will totally take your  breath away and see the world in a new, more colorful, light.

Gold and Ivory Paris, Pisa, Florence, Siena. 1250–1320

Ivory statues depicting Christ’s death, Gothic Period

Gold and Ivory: Paris, Pisa, Florence, Siena. 1250–1320
(until September 28, 2015)

The Louvre in Paris, France, takes everyone to different worlds with a myriad of galleries–and a week isn’t enough to view them all! But if you’re in town for only a few days, your best bet to visit at the famous museum is their gold and ivory exhibit. This exhibit features the cultural trade between France and the Kingdom of Tuscany back in the 13th century and gives us a peak into early Franco-Italian relationships. Most of the collection has never been seen in major museums, or at all! The exchange definitely continues today, through us.

Order tickets today through the Louvre website.

Chicago Food Fest

Taste and see the goodness of Chicago.

Taste of Chicago
(July 8-12, 2015)

Who doesn’t like food? More so, who doesn’t like food fests? Chicago’s restaurants and hot dog stands band together to give foodies a gastronomic adventure without having to leave Grant Park. It’s the nation’s premier outdoor food festival which has been serving up great meals since 1980. Not only is it a “moveable feast”–some of the city’s best chefs bring their kitchens outside and cook their signature dishes from their respective restaurants–but it’s also a feast of color with all the food booths in bright tints and hues. It’s like the whole food festival is saying, “Come one, come all, to the greatest kitchen on earth!”

Run at light speed, thrill-seekers!

Run at light speed, thrill-seekers!

Festival of Saint Fermin
(July 6-14, 2015)

You either come as a participant or a spectator when the streets of Pamplona turn into a path for a stampede of young bulls. No one’s forced to take part, of course, and for the leisurely traveler who happens to be in this city of Navarre, there are more events to attend during this week. At 12:00, be at city hall plaza for the official start of the festival called chupinazo. A rocket flies and explodes in the air and confetti falls from it. Afterwards, there are masses and processions, a New Year-esque activity called the Struendo (or “roar” in English), and a sobering musical performance back at the city hall plaza to close the festival. There are also parades of giants and fireworks displays for the little ones–all a good distance away from the daily bullfighting and bull-running.

Louis XIV was the longest-reigning King of France, from 1643 to 1715.

Louis XIV was the longest-reigning King of France, from 1643 to 1715.

A Kingdom of Images: French Prints in the Age of Louis XIV, 1660–1715
(Until September 6, 2015)

If you’re vacationing in California, don’t forget to head to the Getty Museum for this exhibit–a large collection displaying the great prints from France. Up until the 19th century, print-making was a means of communication, particularly a propaganda tool to show forth the dominance of French culture in and around the world. Most of it, though, was about King Louis XIV’s reign on French culture–his life, his face, and his victories were etched on these prints; these what we consider works of art today were once the king’s reminder that France is the model that the world should follow in style and taste. The exhibit also coincides with the king’s 300th death anniversary: another reminder that, until now, the French culture he enhanced still has a hold on us today.

Get your tickets at the Getty Museum website.

The Folk Art Fair in Santa Fe has been designated as a UNESCO of Folk Art.

The Folk Art Fair in Santa Fe has been designated as a UNESCO City of Folk Art.

The International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe
(July 10-12, 2015)

Handicrafts from 50 countries join the International Folk Art Market every year, and with good reason. When you buy little trinkets made from scratch, you help raise funds for a community of traditional artists back in their home country. So amid the sweltering heat of the New Mexican summer (and thousands of buyers), remember that you’re keeping the culture of a country live on. There are also musical performances from cultural groups, dances where attendees can participate in, and a Sunday market for the whole family!

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