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Coron, Palawan (May 2014)

Like most people, I’ve witnessed more sunsets than sunrises in my life. The sun setting is a spectacular sight and I live in a country where it’s quite easy to watch the sun dip and disappear while I’m slightly inebriated from a too-happy hour, with my toes in the sand and happy from good music and great company.

Balesin, April 2014

Balesin, April 2014

View of the sunset from the Tagaytay Eye at Sky Ranch; Taal Volcano at sunset

View of the sunset from the Tagaytay Eye at Sky Ranch; Taal Volcano at sunset (August 2014)

Just this month alone, I’ve been to three beaches in the past three weekends and have witnessed so many glorious sunsets. The famous Boracay sunset, which oftentimes turns the sky pink and orange and magenta; a beautiful golden sunset while on the Malasimboat in Puerto Galera, Mindoro; and an idyllic sunset beyond the limestone formations in El Nido, Palawan.


Boracay, April 2013

I’ve seen equally gorgeous sunsets on the rooftops of Florence, Italy; while driving down Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, California; on top of my hotel in Oia, Santorini (where people actually clap when the sun goes down); having cocktails at Lantern, the rooftop bar of posh Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore; at the 70’s beach house-inspired poolside deck of Potato Head in Bali and many, many other exciting locales.

But I have a fondness for Philippine sunsets.


Watching the sunset from Republica Sunset Bar in El Nido, Palawan (February 2015)

Is it because I’ve seen more of them and thus can appreciate them better? Maybe because when I make it a point to watch the sunset here in the Philippines, I’m somewhere I really want to be: I’m on vacation, relaxing with friends on the beach with a cocktail in my hand; I just finished a dive where I saw a gorgeous manta ray swoop around me; I’m just about to get out of the banca and begin a relaxing weekend away; I’m having sunset drinks in a beanbag and enjoying the ocean breeze in the city.


At Marimengmeng, El Nido, the sun sets behind this little island. But if you walk down the beach to the end, you will find the sun actually dips below another set of islands (March 2015)

When you take the time to notice the sun setting, life stops for a moment as you marvel in the glory of the awesome sun and how another day is passed. This is life contemplation at its finest – the day is done and you ponder what have you achieved in the few hours that you will never get back and what will you do different tomorrow.


Sunset while walking by Willy’s Rock, White Beach and your typical Boracay sunset peppered with stationary bancas and paraws sailing by (March 2015)

All these photos were taken with an iPhone and no filters were used. I hope you enjoy my collection of sunsets photographed in the past year as much as I enjoyed watching and shooting them and may they inspire you to go chase a couple sunsets of your own somewhere this year. Thank you J for your some of your gorgeous photos and for letting me borrow your iPhone when mine ran out of space 🙂


The moody sunsets of Puerto Galera, Minodoro: upon arrival at Muele Pier; feeling senti in front of my beach resort; watching the sunset on the Malasimboat at White Beach (March 2015)

May all your gypsetting dreams come true,


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