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5 Reasons to Prynt

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Any Gypsetter we know and love has an indispensable hobby while traveling the world: taking photos and sharing them on social media. You meet a fellow traveler such as yourself, or you’ve struck a friendship with one of the locals–both of which are not too active on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s such a shame if you don’t get to share a lasting memory with them. That’s why when we found out about Prynt, a phone case that allows you to print on the spot, we knew that this is going to be our new favorite thing.

How will this be our new favorite semi-gadget? Aside from letting us point, shoot and print instantly, we have five reasons why we’re about Prynt, the perfect phone accessory for creating happier trails!


1. No need for ink.You might be afraid that you’ll have to dedicate one side of your luggage for a couple of ink cartridges. Well, you won’t have to worry about that: Prynt’s technology allows the photo to be embedded on the paper! So while you’re taking that snapshot with your guide in Machu Picchu, click away!

2. Plug-less. We’re all smart Gypsetters, and we know fully well that the more organized a luggage or hand carry is, the better for us. These data cables and plugs, chargers and other whatnot are troublesome, and having less of them is a blessing. With Prynt, you don’t need any plug or data cable (except your charger at the end of the day, of course). They will have an app available for both iOS and Android soon, so keep an eye out for that. Just imagine: no fuss, no hassle–the two least favorable qualities to have on our travels!

3. You don’t need Wi-Fi. One of our most favorite reasons why we love Prynt is that doesn’t need Wi-Fi for printing photos. So don’t fret if you’re in an internet-less place and your new friend along the streets of the capital might forget you. With Prynt, take a selfie of yourselves, print it out, and share a memory. Now, isn’t that more fun that just posting online?


4. It’s a great fashion statement. Hitting the runway at Milan and Paris? Bring Prynt with you and snap the week away with fashion bloggers, models, and–just maybe–some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Surely they’ll ask what that interesting phone case is, and you might end up being their favorite person at Fashion Week!

5. Take nostalgia to the next level. Inspired by old Polaroid photos, Prynt carries the lure of nostalgia with its insta-print technology. You can go back to scrap-booking (with an actual scrap book, and “cut-and-paste” involves a pair of scissors and and a tube of glue), and bring out your creative style. Technology and old-school DIY projects make a great combo for us Gypsetters.

We’re thrilled about the new gadgets available for instant printing! We do miss those old Polaroid days. Prynt is in its initial stages, and hopefully by mid-year we’ll be able to get our hands on one of these babies. You can pre-order on their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates and information.

For now, safe travels and don’t forget to make more memories! Cheers!

All photos from their Instagram account.

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