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6 Cities with Stunning July 4 Fireworks

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Did you know that the first Fourth of July didn’t start in any major city we know today? It was most likely in Tennessee in 1777, a little before Philadelphia rang the Liberty Bell, where soldiers were shooting at the sky with their rifles after reading the Declaration of Independence. Thanks to John Adams, the Fourth of July became a national holiday. Part of this highly-anticipated tradition is watching fireworks displays every year. Since 1777 the Fourth of July fireworks light up the sky with red, white, and blue that complement other activities: concerts, fairs, family BBQs, and other events that celebrate America’s freedom.

To commemorate the Fourth of July with our friends from the States, here are some of the most amazing and anticipated fireworks displays around the country.

Philly is the home of American independence, and should rightly celebrate with a big, big bang. On the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the largest free outdoor concert in America invites everyone to take part in great food and entertainment.

Philly is the home of American independence, and should rightly celebrate with a big, big bang. On the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the largest free outdoor concert in America invites everyone to take part in great food and entertainment. Here’s an itinerary of what you can do on the Fourth of July.

Philadelphia was one the earliest states that celebrated the Fourth of July, and they celebrated by closing business for the day, while townspeople rang bells, held bonfires, and lit up the sky with fireworks. Naturally, the tradition spread across the nation. Today, there are no horsemen riding along the streets, and the event happens at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, which is the state’s Champs Elysees–with its historic buildings lining up the avenue.

Washington DC

Aside from viewing the fire works display in Capitol Hill, go and watch the National Independence Day Parade along Constitution Avenue & 7th Street. Check out this schedule of events at DC on Saturday.

Washington DC was pretty late in celebrating the Fourth of July, and back then the festivities involved only the city’s influential men and women. But the capital influenced other states as much as Philly did, and since the early 19th century, the District of Columbia had started customs that all states follow today. According to PBS, “Congress established Independence Day as a holiday in 1870, and in 1938 Congress reaffirmed it as a paid holiday for federal employees.” From the White House to the Washington Monument, you can view the fireworks display from any angle at the center of the city.

Brooklyn Bridge

You know how Macy’s does a crazy-awesome Thanksgiving Parade every year? They do equally fantastic Fourth of July fireworks displays along the Brooklyn Bridge. Be sure to read this guide to help you get through the weekend.

New York had their first Fourth of July in 1782 with toasts. Today, it’s Macy’s who organizes elaborate fireworks displays. The state competed with Philadelphia and Boston in having big and bold celebrations. Aside from the Brooklyn Bridge, some of the best places to see what Macy’s cooked up for everyone is in front of the department store of the same name, or get on a cruise that can get you a little closer to the fireworks.

San Francisco

Pier 39 is the ‘it’ place every Fourth of July, with several events and a stunning fireworks display by the bay. The fun time starts at noon and lasts the whole day.

San Francisco has been holding Fourth of July parades since 1876, and in 1880 they held the first daytime fireworks display in the country. Today, the best place to be in for Independence Day is Pier 39 (known for finding sunbathing sea lions along the wharf). The Golden State Bridge might be closed for safety reasons, but you can also get a better but farther view as you go uphill.

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St. Augustine is the oldest city in the US, so it’s befitting to add them on the list. With a stunning fireworks display lighting up the dark sky and the historic fort underneath it, everyone gets the feel of being really free. The itinerary is up for everyone to read.

The first Fourth of July in Florida was celebrated in St. Augustine, the country’s oldest city. The newly-independent Americans fought valiantly against their British conquerors. After claiming St. Augustine as an American city, the patriots celebrated their freedom with toasts and speeches. Centuries passed and the city is now a tourist attraction on the Fourth of July for its stunning fireworks displays and fairs.

Ala Moana

Aloha! If you’re in Hawaii this Independence Day, head to Ala Moana Center for its 24th annual Fourth of July celebrations. And they have sales, too!

There isn’t much literature about the first Fourth of July in the islands of Hawaii, but they are as celebratory as their friends in mainland US. For America-loving sun worshippers, Waikiki beach has several events on this special day, and viewing the fireworks display while sitting on the sand on a sultry summer evening is the icing on the cake. The best place to be on this day is in Ala Moana mall and beach park. This is the city’s biggest shopping center. But it’s viewable along Waikiki, so you can get a mat, lie down, and watch one great fireworks display.

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