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Phuket, Thailand by Carmela Villegas

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Mostly known for crazy beach parties and an even wilder nightlife, discover a calmer more charming side of Phuket!

The winner of our instagram contest during The Gypsetters Net launch at Rustans Carmela Villegas-Agosta shares her romantic getaway experience in Phuket.

Hong Kong: A Getaway

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Hong Kong is the perfect playground for a girls' getaway

Buzzing with electricity, Hong Kong has something for everybody

Hanoi, Vietnam

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Completely opposite from it’s fast paced, energetic southern sister city, Hanoi has a palpable romantic quality to it.

Beautiful colonial building blended seamlessly with bustling daily Vietnamese life. Just a short flight away with Cebu Pacific it's a wonderful exotic weekend escape.


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A good Easter break or long weekend option, Taipei has cool weather, friendly people and cultural sights

It’s fun to immerse yourself walking around Taipei's streets and visiting its cultural sights, interesting restaurants and night markets

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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To fill yourself with with lemongrass dreams, chili hot flashes and minty memories…

This most definitely is no sleepy town, with ladies in Ao Zai’s riding a top picturesque bicycles… But a vibrant and modern city, where everyone seems to be moving continuously forward and with purpos

Beijing, China

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Immerse yourself in the imperial city and feel the omnipresent empowering Chi

From Emperors to Mao to Modern Day China, Beijing is one of the most fascinating places on earth.

Malasimbo Festival

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For the lure of amazing live music in the natural amphitheater setting of Mt Malasimbo and for getting back to nature

Sitting in the grass and for fresh air, for trees whispering in the wind and the convivial atmosphere with like-minded free spirits.

Sri Lanka

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For the centuries old buddhist relics and temples; the emerald green rain forests; chartreuse tea plantations & sandy beaches

The old world colonial charm and kind smiling people; for the wild peacocks perched high on a tree that dream of spice and adventure…

The Maldives

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To find yourself on a tiny dot in the middle of the Indian Ocean faraway from everything with the love of your life.

Flying solo? Book yourself on a scuba diving live-aboard with some friends for the amazing underwater wonders.


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