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Useful Tips When Traveling Alone

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Traveling gives us more than just a peace of mind. It teaches everyone how to be spontaneous, learn different cultures and explore more possibilities in life. Recent studies state that solo travelers particularly women have increased since 2015.

Are you planning to have a solo travel this year? Worry not! Here are simple and effective travel tips that are useful no matter where you're traveling to.

The Slate - Infinity Pool Blue Sky

10 Reasons To Visit The SLATE In Phuket This Year

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Recently re-launched The Slate has a genuine and authentic Phuket heart at its core. Originally designed by internationally acclaimed architect Bill Bensley, the hotel has evolved with refreshed looks and unique new experiences for family holidays, food lovers, curious culture seekers and wellness aficionados.

Read the 10 reasons why you should visit SLATE this year!

48 Hours in Jaipur

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Just a short flight away from Delhi, Jaipur is a stunning microcosmos of everything that is truly Incredible in India. From gorgeous palaces and temples to great shopping finds and beautiful Rajasthani food, it is the perfect gateway to the Indian sub-continent.

The beautiful facade of Jawa Mahal

I Keep Coming Back to El Nido

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Visit El Nido for pristine beaches, picturesque limestone cliffs, quiet lagoons and spectacular marine biodiversity. Or you can go for the variety of restaurants and nightlife. Why not have both?

The breathtaking beachfront view in El Nido town

My Adventure at Clark by Enzo, A Junior Gypsetter Post

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Junior gypsetters like to write too! Read my son Enzo's account of our short but sweet getaway to Clark, Angeles, Pampanga

Unplug from city living and have a fun weekend with family at Green Canyon Resort

Gypsetters Guide to Paris

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A gorgeous day at the Louvre

"Because Paris is always a good idea…"

48 Hours in Paris

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If you’ve been to Paris once or twice before and want to explore beyond sites you have already visited such as Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower and Louvre, here are a few stops to think about putting on your itinerary that will make you fall even more in love with the beautiful City of Light.

The Louvre is beautiful museum and landmark of Paris, but there is so much more you can explore.

I Heart San Francisco

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When Tony Bennett crooned, “I left my heart in San Francisco,” we could completely understand. There is so much to love about the Bay area: its eclectic food, nightlife, shopping, culture, arts, quirky neighborhoods, nearby wine country.

The Powell Hyde cable car starts at Ghiradelli Square and is an icon of the City by the Bay

24 hours in Napa Valley

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An all too short but incredibly sweet getaway to the heart of America's wine country

Charming hotels, great food and above all wonderful wine, just a short hour's drive from San Francisco, there's no reason not to visit Napa Valley.

Basque Country by Margaret Carpo

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Visit Basque Country in northern Spain for a sense of its rich culture and to indulge in its gustatory delights

Filipino-American Margaret Carpo moved back to Spain with her hubby Javi and they decided to offer tours in the region. Here she gives us the insider's guide to the Basque region of Spain


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