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Ten Moments in Israel by Leah De guzman

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(1) Church of the Holy Sepulcher, this is the holiest site for Christians, as this is where Jesus was crucified, died and was buried. Profile photo taken at the ruins of the synagogue at Capernaum

What I loved most about Israel ?

“I loved Jerusalem the most, and discovering all the places that had the foundation of my Christian Faith — from historical places from the Old Testament, to actually being in Bethlehem (Jesus Birthplace), Nazareth & Sea of Galilee places (where Jesus grew up and did his preachings) to walking Via Dolorosa (the walk of death of Christ) to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (where Jesus was crucified, died and was buried, this is the holiest site for Christians). I felt an even deeper connection with God throughout this historical path. I also loved learning about the Jewish culture and beliefs – Passover and Shabat observance, the different kinds of Jews (Orthodox vs. the regular Jews), how they prayed by their Western Wall (the holiest site for Jews) and above all, my walk through the Yad Vashem (Jewish Holocaust Musuem) is a truly unforgettable and emotional one.”

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(2) Western Wall – this is the holiest site for Jews as this is the last standing wall of the Second temple built by King Herod. Here people insert prayer intentions in the walls crevices and male and female sections are separate. (3) Mount Scopus – panoramic view of Jerusalem. (4) Bethlehem – where we touched the area where Jesus was born and the site of his manger

Three Fave Things about my Israel Trip :

“My Holy Land Tour – Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee — tracing the life and death of Jesus Christ was such a powerful spiritual experience for me.”

“Yad Vashem (Jewish Holocaust Museum) – the museum outlined the plight of the Jews under the Nazi reign and it was truly the most emotional & poignant tour I have ever done.”

“Masada – this is a Unesco Heritage site and served as the last Jewish foothold in 73 AD when the Romans invaded the Jews. The story behind the attack and hiw the Jews chose to kill themselves (massive suicide) vs. falling in the hands of the Romans was indeed quite interesting.”

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(5) Masada – this is a Unesco Heritage Site, known as the last Jewish stronghold built by King Herod in 73 AD vs. the Romans. The story of the mass suicide by the Jews killing themselves and their families vs. being captured by the Romans also showed a different kind of bravery. (6) Yad Vashem Museum – Jewish Holocaust Museum outlining the plight of the Jewish people during the Nazi regime where 6M were killed. “The Final Solution” which was Hitler’s plan to eradicate the Jews was even targeting 11M across occupied Europe. (7) Via Dolorosa – the way of the Cross, this is the path that Jesus supposedly took (14 Stations of the Cross) to his death.

If I go back to Israel, what different thing will I do ?

“Seven full days there was too short, if I get to go back, I would spend more time chilling by the Dead Sea (we had a great time floating there and the Mudpack bath), chilling at Eilat Resort, and going to Petra, Jordan which I heard is also an amazing archaeological site, and perhaps move on to nearby Egypt to complete the story of the Bible for me.”

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(8) Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv beaches reminded me of Rio’s Ipanema beach and Sydney’s Bondi Beach with beach lovers tanning, biking, running with dogs, or doing beach sports, while their nearby neighborhood had a NYC vibe with bustling neighborhood cafes. (9) Dead Sea – this is the lowest point on earth, where the salt level is so high, you end up floating ! There are no living creatures in this sea, and it is perfect for skin exfoliation (mud bath) and even said to have some healing powers.

(10) Riding a camel in Jerusalem

(10) Riding a camel in Jerusalem

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