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The Stylish Traveler: a Cu d’Etat

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Style definitely runs in families. It’s been awhile since we last featured a Stylish Traveler post of the series but this time we’ve thrown a Cu d’etat, in the form of father-daughter tandem, Ernest Cu and Cristina Cu, that is! Cool visionary CEO of Globe Telecom and certified oenophile, Ernest Cu absolutely enjoys traveling with his family.  He and his lovely wife Arlene have a group of friends they regularly travel with and sometimes invite to stay with them at their villa in Florence, Italy, where they go at least once a year. Ernest plays golf and does TRX regularly so he makes sure to bring his workout clothes with him wherever he travels.

A style maven regularly seen in Manila’s society scene, gypsetter Cristina Cu recently made the transition from personal care products at Unilever to high end retail as marketing manager for Joseph, the niche menswear and womenswear brand from London. Think she looks familiar? We featured her top 10 snapshots of Thailand here and she was also one of our chosen women for the Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe event we hosted. Saying we like her is an understatement! Cris’ travels have taken her from London to Hong Kong, from Paris to Bangkok, all in the past year. No matter where she goes, she always has a casual chic vibe and yet can transform into someone super glam, all in the same day.

It’s rare you get to see such a fun father-daughter tandem, so enjoy!

Ernest Cu


Ernest and his wife Arlene enjoying cherry blossom season in Japan

TheGypsetters.Net: Name 3 of your packing essentials.
Ernest Cu: 1. Bose portable speaker Soundlink Mini 2. Lululemon gym clothes  3. A dual time watch.

TGN: Are you a “less is more or more is more” kind of packer?
EC: More is more- I like to be prepared.

TGN: When you travel, are you more of a “do as the Romans do” or do you wear a signature look?
EC: Signature look- mine is dark or colored skinny jeans with a top and comfortable loafers.

TGN: What suitcase do you use?
EC: Rimowa.

TGN:  Name one item you can’t live without and always have with you when you travel.
EC: Globe smartphone and Globe roaming.


Cristina Cu


At Danesfield House in the English Countryside wearing a grey jacket by Joseph, maroon top and felt hat by Zara. “Nothing like a little British air to clear the soul. A good jacket keeps you looking chic no matter where the setting. This pic was taken straight off the plane!”

TheGypsetters.Net: Name 3 of your packing essentials.
Cristina Cu: 1. Soft colorful pashmina or scarf. It can add a punch of color to any outfit plus keeps you warm if you get cold easily like me. 2. Carry all bag in black or beige so they can go everywhere. My bag of choice at the moment is a Givenchy Pandora  3. Day-to-night separates. Outfits that I can mix and match but also convert to evening wear because you need to be flexible when you travel 🙂

TGN: Are you a “less is more or more is more” kind of packer?
CC: Definitely more is more. I always tend to over pack but I like to have options on the day or in case the weather suddenly changes.


In the streets of London wearing a sweater and wide legged printed pants by Zara with a white Celine Edge bag. Next photo in a grey jacket & paisley skirt by Joseph, tee by Zara and flats by Charles & Keith. “I love my Joseph pieces, especially when I travel as they are timeless and chic. They are very easy to dress up or down to take you from street to night.”

TGN: When you travel are you more of a “do as the Romans do” or do you wear a signature look?
CC: I’m a little bit of both. It’s always still me but with a tweak to the culture. I notice when I travel I like to have a little more fun with my outfits sometimes try things I wouldn’t have at home. I have more time to be creative when I travel.

TGN: What is your suitcase?
CC: Rimowa.


In Versailles, France. Next photo in Tokyo, Japan wearing a capelet jacket by Patty Ang, scarf by Zara, calf boots by Prada. “Vibrant jackets like this are great for travel because they add a pop of color and are easy to pair with any outfit.”

TGN: Name one item you can’t live without and always have with you when you travel.
CC: My Globe cellphone! I use it to navigate, get tips on the area and most importantly, take photos!


In Paris, France wearing a breezy black top by Zara, necklace by Joyce Makitalo and green felt hat from Tuscany. “Cool and easy to keep me stylish during a day of touring in Paris. Large accessories can dress up any look to keep you chic and a good hat is always necessary when touring.”

For more of Cristina, check her out here in the new website,

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