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Summer Shades: 5 Sunglasses to Wear Around the World

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When the sun comes out to play, so does the gypsetting man. He may be hitting the streets in the United States of America at high noon, or driving past fields and farms in the European countryside. There is no place that he goes where the sun follows. And as the sun rises up high in the sky, it’s time for our Gypsetter to don a pair of shades to, not only cover his eyes from the strong rays, but to also reflect his inner style through a pair of sunglasses.

Not all sunglasses “fit” the personality of the city, though. The Gypsetter knows that matching his shades with the feel of a city or province adds more glamour in his journey. But what exactly can he wear, and where? Here are a few suggestions on what kind of shades he can bring in what kind of setting.


New York and Dior both spell out city chic fashion


Many Gypsetters love NYC for its fashion-forward stance on culture, making the Big Apple the hub of new trends from food to clothing. To match the city’s pulsating modernity and classic elegance, bring a pair of round sunglasses that speaks both of a vintage era comfortably making waves in the 21st century. Dior’s round sunglasses shares New York’s qualities of modernity and heritage, making it an easy pick when choosing the right kind of shades for walking around the Upper East Side.


Los Angeles will look even better with a pair of Cutler and Gross


Man travels now to the West Coast and landing in California, where the sun always shines–and so does the his style. He’s now traversing the streets of Los Angeles, the birthplace of one of USA’s greatest gift to the world–Hollywood blockbusters. A vacation to vibrant and colorful Tinseltown may request for something more subtle, to balance off the city’s intensity. Take a pair of Cutler and Gross sunglasses that are both stylish and modest, making the Hollywood experience even more Oscar-worthy.


Conquer the Australian Outback with Ray Ban


Traveling now to Australia, the male Gypsetter grows weary of the city and craves for a re-acquaintance with nature. His adventure of a lifetime needs a sturdy pair of shades that never loses style, and Ray Ban’s wayfarers meet his criteria. The land down under, much like Ray Ban, is always filled with surprises, and that is what, more often than not, Mr. Gypsetter looks in a vacation.

Match Provence's lavender fields with Spitfire

Match Provence’s lavender fields with Spitfire


If it’s hard trying to blend in a location’s character, why not with its colors? Take a drive down to the south of France where the air is cleaner, the food more sumptuous, and the landscape divine. In Provence, take a deep breath of the aromatic scents about you and feel one with the world. And don’t forget to bring a pair of Spitfire shades with a purple tint, from the clouds to the plants. The brand sports an edgy design but inspires unity with natural surroundings.

Enjoy an African Safari with Oakley

Enjoy an African Safari with Oakley


South Africa is an adventure waiting to happen, and finally the male Gypsetter has found his home in the midst of prides of lions and herds of elephants. From the beauty of city life to the wonders of the natural world, he has realized that he is as flexible as his pair of shades–good ol’ Oakley. When all he wants is a pair that fits him and his adventurous lifestyle, Oakley is reliable for any situation, in any location. Regardless of color or style, he can count on a good pair of durable shades an arm’s length away from him.

Which kind of shades would you go with, dear Gypsetter? And where are you headed next? Wherever that is, make each moment count. The sun is always watching you. Cheers!




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