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Spell and The Gypsy Collective

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I can’t stop looking at this site.

I’ve been dreaming of my sojourn to the Malasimbo Music Festival this year for a few weeks now and this includes the search for inspiration for my weekend wardrobe traipsing on the mountain.

spell 4

After looking through Instagram one day I came across a fashion photo a friend posted of a girl, which transported me to another place and time. Of course the dress she was wearing was amazing but it was the editorial direction of the shoot that grabbed at my inner bohemian and I ended up scrolling the entire Instagram account, thinking that nothing could top the current photo I was looking at but only to find the next one was even more awe-inspiring.

spell 2

Spell and the Gypsy Collective ( was conceptualized in Byron Bay, Australia by two sisters, Elizabeth and Isabella (Spell was Isabella’s childhood nickname), who felt enamored by the feeling created by combining feathers, leather and turquoise. Having a leather craftsman father and an artistic mother, the sisters had a plethora of childhood memories to glean for their creative collection of whimsical, gypsy and vintage-like fashions every free spirit would love.

Elizabeth and Isabella; Lost in Savana collection

Elizabeth and Isabella; Lost in Savana collection

Girls of all ages will drool over these collections of detailed, hand-sewn pieces and who would not, with names such as California Dreaming, Wild at Heart, Desert Wanderer. Provocative and tender, Spell offers you a lifestyle that is at once beautiful and dreamy, full of far-off lands the heart yearns to visit and makes you forget you work in an office and have a family to go home to.

Enjoy – I know I did.

Desert Wanderer prairie top

Desert Wanderer prairie top

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