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Paper Love Affair

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This might be weird to hear from someone who owns an online blog, but I absolutely adore paper. I love books and magazines that you can flip through back or forth at any given moment; I write my personal thoughts in paper journals; I have stationery cards that are just too pretty to send or notebooks I don’t write in but I like owning them and I could spend hours browsing bookstores or specialty stores like Heima that sell notecards, cool magazines and other unique things you can’t find anywhere else.

So when I saw the paper flowers of @inabinablog on Instagram, I knew I had to meet its owner. I made the first move and sent her a text message, she responded and for the last 2 days, we have been chatting up a storm on Viber getting to know each other. She feels like a kindred spirit – someone who quit her job in the finance industry to do something creative full time and someone who loves paper too. I feel like I know her so well and I haven’t even met her yet! So much for your cut-and-dried (pardon the pun) friendship!

Pretty paper flowers for all occasions

Pretty paper flowers for all occasions

For those of you who enjoy paper too, Ina is sharing her wealth of crafts-making in her Mexican Craft Party on April 12, 2015. What a great concept after a gypsetter’s heart: an arts and crafts party where you will learn to make Mexican flowers and more, while dressed in Mexican theme and be served nachos and sangria. I would like to share with you her workshop in case you have the time or inclination to attend. Link to her sign up sheet should you wish to join! For those who want to see more of Ina’s projects, check out her online page @parvousph.

We would love to know what came of what you learned during the workshop and where it just might take you, like where it is leading Ina – toward a new career, filled with lots of paper, creativity and happiness.

Learn how to make your own crafts by Ina; tools photos by; Mexican paper flower by

Learn how to make your own crafts by Ina; tools photos by; Mexican paper flower by

Perhaps liking paper isn’t that strange after all. Some things just never go out of style and thank God there are still analog people in this world to enjoy them with too.

May all your gypsetting dreams come true,


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