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Lovely Layers

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When I travel, I go to the extremes. Either I bring hoards of accessories or stick with the same watch and earrings for the entire trip. I do find however when you are limited with space a good armory of varied and complementary accessories can really change up your look. You could be wearing the same black dress to the beach or the museum, while shopping or having fancy cocktails and have a different look each time. I find that chunky statement pieces are perfect if you want to make a big impact but I love the layered look. My friends used to laugh at me and wonder how I would put on and take off the dozens of necklaces and bracelets I had on each time we travelled and if I rang loudly at the security checkpoint. But the nice thing about layered pieces is you can choose to be as discreet or as bold as you want. A light chain for walking through markets; a chunky pendant for a chic dinner or all of them for a night out!

heyjow 1

I discovered HeyJow through instagram and fell in love immediately with the bohemian and natural feel of the pieces. I loved their monochromatic collages of their collections and how the ranged from the dainty to the chunky. When I finally got in touch with the designer Joanna Ballesteros, it turns out she is also inspired by her travels…. How very Gypsetter! 

Love and light,


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“Heyjow pieces are characteristically vibrant, elegantly organic, and cheerful. I’d like to think this is because my ideas are heavily inspired by my travels. The places that inspire me the most are the Philippine islands, such as Malapascua Island in Cebu and Balicasag Island in Bohol, Bali in Indonesia, and the Maldives. They’re so rich in culture and are all profusely inspiring in my design work. I’m a diver too, so I also get the opportunity to explore the underwater world in these beautiful locations; they have some of the most amazing diving spots in the world, which further gives me ideas for natural color-matching and organic designs.” – Joanna


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