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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 Campaign

I personally never grew up being a Vuitton girl. In the world of fashion, it seemed to a relative outsider as “the” status symbol for having made it in life. I had always preferred the simple logo-less damier over the iconic monogram bag because of its more discreet persona. I have to admit though that maybe 15 years ago I had once caught sight of Ivana Trump coming out of the airport of Nice and a whole load of porters behind her shuffling her piles of personalized trunks.

Extravagant as it may seem, I wish I still lived in the day when travel itself was part of the actual experience. Spending days on a train or weeks on a boat, these beautiful objects housing your life, transporting your precious belongings with you. What I would give to travel on the Orient Express Paris to Istanbul dressed smartly in tweed suits, dainty hats and leather gloves with my life packed up neatly in stunning trunks. Or escape for two weeks across the african savannah complete with a trunk that unfolds into a desk for those moments under the baobab and the endless blanket of stars when words flow freely out of your pen… It is in more recent years that I have learned to have a deeper respect and understanding of what this luxury powerhouse is about. It’s not about flash or bling nor about setting passing fashion trends… the veritable essence of Louis Vuitton is in fact a gypset one.

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“Volez! Voguez! Voyagez!” are the poignant words emblazoned on an old vintage Louis Vuitton poster hanging in the Pacific Place Hong Kong store. Literally translated to “Fly! Sail! Travel!” seems plain enough however, the French words take on a true double-entendre, pushing forward a deeper meaning, allowing aficionados to spread their wings, take-off, wander, explore… To live life everyday with the spirit of adventure… That, in summary is the true soul of Louis Vuitton, the French luxury fashion house that had it’s beginnings as a malletier creating durable, stylish trunks and luggage destined to house everything one needs to fulfill man’s thirst for voyage and discovery.

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L’Aventure Pop up at Louis Vuitton Pacific Place, 3rd floor, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong Island

To truly understand this a visit to their pop-up store L’Aventure is a must. Dedicated entirely to the Art of Travel and celebrating elegance on the move showcasing unique pieces such as trunk beds for African safaris, monogrammed cases carrying baccarat decanters and glasses for an on-the-go tipple in globetrotting style. From personalization and custom orders, to learning the art of packing to their stylish city guides, L’Aventure hopes to inspire people to pack up their bags and indulge in the fulfilling luxury of travel.  Whether that means buying a ticket to Timbuktu or purchasing a guide to Shanghai or that gorgeous cape that reminds you of the alps, the point is to keep on fuelling your wanderlust. And as Robert Louis Stevenson said “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

Love and Light, Stephanie

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