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Just Too, Two Chic

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There are certain design elements that attract a gypsetter to a specific kind of clothing or accessory. Whether it’s a unique print, a color pattern, a bit of fringe here or some beading there, when we see something we like, it’s usually because it speaks of individuality.

TC Alvarez-Sibal and Ana Alvarez-Laygo are the sister tag team behind Two Chic Manila. After working as a designer with Natori in New York for 12 years, TC decided to come back to Manila and in 2008 put up the company together with Ana, who with 8 years of business expertise, oversees the business side to it.

Beautiful handcrafted embroidery, unique beadwork and choice of fabric make Two Chic Manila’s creations beloved by many of Manila’s fashionable set. From everyday casual wear to resort to intricate wedding dresses, Two Chic Manila offers sartorial choices you can’t find anywhere else in the country.

For the Summer Collection 2014, TC’s inspiration came from a mix of looks. ” As always we love the gypset look. We love relaxed, Luxe and detailed pieces. Perfect for resorts and for the city as well if you love to mix a little escapism into your wardrobe,” says TC.

In this collection you will see the sisters’ penchant for the 60s incorporated with a bit of vintage flair. “It’s Palm Beach preppy with a twist!” says TC. Find beading in unexpected places such as on a khaki shirt or sweater dress; short paisley shorts, on cute easy clutches or slouchy totes. Two Chic Manila’s splashy printed mini-kaftans are perfect to wear on warm summer day, both in the city or as a cover up at the beach. To find out more about Two Chic Manila check out their website here.

Two Chic's beaded shirts, shorts, bags and more

Two Chic’s beaded shirts, shorts, bags and more


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