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Caftan Chic by Seek The Uniq

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From the moment they launched, it was love at first site. Seek The Uniq was a collection of all things that a modern day gypsetter would want. Carefully sought out pieces from around the world, in very limited edition that they sell out within moments of going online, bright happy pieces with boho flair that are versatile enough to mix and match with workwear neutrals.

One of their most iconic collections were from Marrakech. Splendid caftans embroidered in gold or silver that were so chic they even worked without a resort background. Mikka Padua, their Commander-In-Chic as she calls herself, has recently came from a beautiful seeking trip in Morocco giving us a special, exclusive sneak peek at what she brought back. These stunning pieces will be up for sale along with other things on their site tomorrow! In celebration of their latest collection, we have curated a whole bunch of Morocco related posts on The Gypsetters Net.

STU caftan 1

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STU morocco

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  1. Avatar Nikki Cortes says:


    Saw this on FB. Do they have this kind of clothing locally? If yes, where?
    Appreciate you’re response.



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