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Bake and Shoot Your Weekends

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Are you a workshop junkie? Or perhaps an Instagram addict?

If you are one or the other or even both, then perhaps its time you decided to join Bake N’ Shoot,  a hands-on workshop concept by our bloggers friends, pastry chef Carmela Agosta and food and travel writer Chichi Tullao. Open to all food enthusiasts or those who are always on a quest for learning, Bake N’ Shoot is designed for those who wish to explore the art of baking, basic food styling and immortalizing Instagram “worthy” photos using a simple phone camera.

Bake N’ Shoot classes are as follows:

September 10: Art of Sweet Pies and Flat-lay styling techniques

Apple Pie with lattice braiding, Peach Galette and Citrus Meringue Pie

September 24: Designing Naked Cakes, Basic Food Styling and Mobile Photography Vanilla Bean Cake and 2 frostings recipes

October 8 : Art of Savory Tarts and Flat-lay styling techniques Quiche and Tomato-Cheese Tart

Carmela and Chichi believe in being hands-on, so you’ll definitely have many chances to try your hand at designing your own creations, styling it and photographing them with elements. Participants can also look forward in learning technical concepts, understanding the best angles, framing, and composition, and of course, knowing the best apps to edit your photos with. Best of all, you get to bring home your own goodies.

Chichi has been styling food, props and space for almost two years. She creates visual stories through her camera and has created the hashtag #travelbytaste to immortalize the moment. She aims to travel the world as a global citizen for food. Visit her blog here.

Carmela Villegas-Agosta is the pastry chef and owner of CSL Pastries and a partner of Crisp on 28th. She has been baking professionally since 2011. She shares her passion for desserts every month in Yummy Magazine, The Fat Kid Inside blog and on her YouTube channel and blog Carmela’s Journal.

These workshops have limited slots available only! For more information you can email Chichi and Carmela at or We hope you enjoy your yummy Saturdays with them and should you join don’t forget to tag us too!

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