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Cool Ultimatum

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A few days ago I came across this Yahoo Travel article on this year and next year being the last chance to see the Northern Lights before the dim for a decade! I thought when in season, the Aurora Borealis was always there, that every night people were treated to a magical sublime light show. Apparently it is such an elusive occurrence and it isn’t always certain to make an appearance. According to a friend of mine it took her three trips to finally experience it. Beach bum me immediately got a bad case of frozen fever and I haven’t stopped obsessing about traveling up to the arctic to catch one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena.

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Reading further into the article there was a related post on the best ways to experience it in which these stunning glass igloos were featured. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is in Finland’s beautiful Lapland, known to be Santa’s residence. Already lush and verdantly alluring in summer it’s true charm is during the icy cold winters when the snow blankets the land and above are clear starry skies. I’m particularly lusting over a stay at one of their famous Glass Igloos! It’s such a romantic getaway where you can stay cozy and snuggled up yet still sleep under that beautiful winter sky and if you’re lucky the Aurora Borealis will grace you with its dazzling presence.

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Kakslauttanen is launching this November their special Kelo-Glass Igloo which is a delightful compromise between a cozy log cabin and their iconic glass igloos. From the outside as seen on our featured photo, it’s already so beautiful but it’s the inside that counts. These are really something special with it’s own sauna, fireplace and en-suite bathroom, with the right person and a bottle of wine, let the snow storms come because, in here, I wouldn’t mind being snowed in!

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If you’re into more adventurous escapades here’s a list of other amazing ways to experience the northern lights including an escape across the Arctic Tundra on a rolling hotel or on a dogsled expedition! Sadly with my current pregnancy and me due end of March next year, looks like my dreams of seeing the Aurora Borealis are slim and will have to be put on hold for another 11 long years… Oh but wait! Maybe I should look to the South instead, does anyone know if the Aurora Australis will also dim for the next decade? *sigh*

Love and Light and Frozen Dreams, Stephanie


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