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They Put the Ahhh in Spa

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Life can be really, really stressful. We have to make money. There are deadlines to beat and quotas to fill. We need to be successful. We need to eat healthy. We have to watch our weight. We face pollutants on a daily basis. We interact with toxic people. We need to do chores. We need enough sleep. We need to address sicknesses. Our parents get older and need our help. We need to teach our children how to focus on their schoolwork.

All these issues and more can be taxing on one’s total being, but the trick in staying healthy lies in knowing how you can release yourself from these daily stresses on a regular basis and flush them out of your system.


Flower arrangements courtesy from Mabolo; artists works from Sandra Chung and Jon & Tess of PettyJohn Pottery

Simply walking into Crown Towers in City of Dreams Manila, with its stunning interiors, gorgeous floral arrangements and attractive, polite staff, one feels this stress begin to melt away. To bring one to complete and total surrender, you simply must visit the spa haven Crown Spa, the ultimate in pampering experiences.


Entrance to Crown Spa; a very thorough lifting and firming facial demo

Aside from offering a comprehensive selection of treatments and packages, first-class products and opulent therapy rooms, Crown Spa boasts a selection of artwork by Filipino and international artists such as Olivia d’Aboville, Jon & Tess of Petty John Pottery Sandra Chung and Claire Brewster, ensuring respite for all the senses.


Olivia d’Aboville’s blue silk hand-dyed scarves remind me of orchids

Guests can choose from six treatment rooms, including two spa suites with their own private showers and soaker tubs and even poolside cabanas. All treatments use British brand Aromatherapy Associates therapeutic-grade products for the hand, foot and full body massages that last from 60 to 120 minutes, depending on your preference. The Crown Spa Two Fold “Hilot” Signature (P5800) is a real pleasure with two therapists giving you a 90-minute traditional hilot massage, an ancient art of Filipino healing, together with a dagdagay foot therapy treatment that uses heated herbal leaves, wooden sticks and herbal clay. Other treatments target specific functions such as muscle release, energizing or mind-clearing. Guests at Crown Spa are even encouraged to customized their package here for their total enjoyment.


Couple treatment suite welcome foot soak; single treatment suite

Aside from hand, food or body treatments, guests are privy to other luxe services such as age-repair or deep-cleanse facials. Salon services such as blowouts, treatments, coloring, waxing or make-up services even include a complimentary glass of champagne. Now that’s one yummy mani-pedi day I’d like to try!


Take a nice soak in the couple treatment suite; Aromatherapy Associates’ essential oils; vegan SpaRitual line of nail lacquers; Aromatherapy Associates’ facial and treatment products

Finally, guests can opt to reserve a Pool Cabana to take a dip at the Crown Pool and enjoy the Crown Spa wet areas such as the vitality pool and steam room. If you forgot your sunglasses, Crown Towers has even thoughtfully offered to lend you a pair of Ray-Bans or Christian Diors they have on stock specifically for guest use.


Spa like a king or queen in a private vitality pool


Crown Towers has ensured they will knead and rub you, steam and spa you well enough to make you as mellow as a bowl of Jello when you leave their premises – again armed and ready to take on the stresses of everyday life.

Many thanks to General Manager Brett Hickey, Vice-President of Public Relations Charisse Chuidian (PR maven and my officemate at my first job in life at the Mandarin Oriental Manila!), Director of Public Relations Erika Aquino and Spa Manager Amanda Ooi for their warm welcome and hospitality. To find out more about the ultra-luxurious Crown Towers and Crown Spa at City of Dreams Manila, visit their official site here.

May all your gypsetter (and spalicious) dreams come true,


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