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Jade Dragon Signature Fried Rice

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There is fried rice and there is fried rice. Most of the time what we order from your run of the mill Chinese fast food is a greasy  hodgepodge of squooshy green peas, leftover chicken, strips of ham and scrambled egg. Then there are the more decent ones, with bits of salted fish and plump pieces of shrimp not extraordinary on its own but a wonderful foil to your saucy sweet and sour pork. And then there is Jade Dragon’s Signature Fried Rice. Who knew fried rice could be so elegant? Savory, fluffy grains of rice happily danced together with a symphony of conpoy, roast goose and vegetables topped with lush scallops… So incredibly delicious it does not count as a side dish but stands gloriously on its own. So much so that even after an overwhelmingly excellent tasting menu at this one Michelin Star Cantonese Restaurant, my appetite came right back after having one bite…. Shamelessly finishing the bowl with lip-smacking gusto.

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Each dish artfully presented, crafted with care to give the cleanest most sophisticated Chinese cuisine I’ve had. Their Jade Dragon Dumpling was the plumpest prawn and juiciest lobster encased in a paper thin wrapper, full of flavor there was no need for dipping sauce. A succulent iberico roast pork, caramelised with fresh honeycomb and slow roasted to melt-in-your mouth perfection with dark bittersweet charred crispy bits. Sesame kissed steamed grouper as delicate as a cloud. A gorgeous turnip and quinoa dish with a squash sauce… Sautéed scallops in chili sauce… Hot and sour soup that was far from your usual slop of mystery ingredients. Here each julienned vegetable is suspended in a rich spicy, tangy broth like glorious celebratory confetti. And yes, I still managed to finish my fried rice after all of that…

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Chef Tam Kwok Fung truly knows his stuff, to turn something so banal as fried rice into one of the highlights of my meal. And while he prefers a simple version made with egg, ginger, green onion and organic soy – sometime with a little Chinese sausage for a heartier winter version, he was kind enough to take the time to share his special Jade Dragon recipe. One must however ask someone to send you a bottle of their gorgeous homemade XO sauce that has bits of Iberico Ham in it. Simply divine. Looking forward to the opening of its sister restaurant Crystal in City of Dreams Manila early next year!

Love, light and a beautiful bowl of fried rice, Stephanie

Jade Dragon, Level 2, Crown Towers, City of Dreams Macau +853-8868-2822

Jade Dragon Signature Fried Rice with Prawn, Sakura Shrimp, Conpoy and Goose

Serves 4


60 g Roasted Goose Meat (small dice)

4 pcs Fresh Bamboo Prawn (cleaned and de-shell)

4 pcs Canadian Scallop

20 g Sweet Bean (dice)

10 g Spring Onion (sliced)

5 g Ginger (minced)

1 tbsp XO Sauce

2 Eggs

Salt, White pepper powder, Soya Sauce and Oyster Sauce to taste

Ingredients for Rice: 

300g White Rice (uncooked)

½ stick Lemon Grass

3 pcs Shallot (crushed)

5 cloves peeled

550 ml Chicken Stock

2 tbsp Canola Oil


Roasted Sakura Shrimps and Crispy Dried Scallops (steamed, press dried and fried)


To prepare rice, head up a medium size stock pot with medium heat or you may use a rice cooker. Add in cooking oil from the list and sautéed lemon grass, shallot, garlic until fragrance. Add in rice and continuing sautéed, last pour in chicken stock and bring to boil. Once is boiled put into steamed and steam for around 25 minutes.

To prepare fried rice, heat up a wok with high heat and add in cooking oil, seared prawn and scallop into medium cook with nicely glazed golden in color and set aside.

Add in another tablespoon of cooking oil with medium high heat and sauté sweet bean, goose meat, ginger and eggs.

Pour in rice and stir fried tossed consistence, until the rice are fragrance.

Add in a tablespoon of homemade XO sauce and seasoning from the list and tossed well, (remember season to taste), put in prawns, scallops and spring onion tossed well and scoops the fried rice on a nice white plates and last garnish with ingredients from the list and ready to serve.

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