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My Adventure at Clark by Enzo, A Junior Gypsetter Post

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When my son Enzo was little, he was frightened of everything. He didn’t want to go anywhere new. He didn’t like the ocean and especially waves, which were too noisy and rough. He hated all kinds of animals ever since a little barking dog chased him. For a gypsetting mama, this was very upsetting. I remember one trip to Boracay where he didn’t want to swim with me in the ocean or even take a walk down the beach.

Now he is 11 years old and little by little, with the right exposure and in the right company of family and friends, he has overcome his fears. Swimming classes at Aqualogic made him more confident in the water and soon he became a happy swimmer. Now he takes lessons together with his best friend Ethan during the summers. Last year, he even jumped off a speedboat into the ocean! He has learned to like dogs, even more so the ones that let him pet them. I’ve been encouraging him to write down his travel experiences, just like me, in a special notebook like this. Fortunately, his school encourages its students to write all kinds of stories, from historical fiction articles to personal fiction to blog posts about things they like. It’s my honor to share with you Enzo’s musings about a trip we made to Clark, Angeles, Pampanga over a weekend in November 2015 (he wrote this for school, for this post I supplied the photos). It’s only a two-hour drive from Manila and I found us a wonderful resort, Green Canyon, that encourages one to unplug from city life with its complimentary bikes for riding, a fun wave pool and did I mention it has a very Instagram-worthy hanging bridge? Spending quality time with Enzo, bonding with friends Sarah and her daughter Chloe, surrounded by lush greenery and breathing in fresh air was more than I could ask for. Oh, I forgot to mention the duty-free shopping…without further adieu, here is Enzo’s blog post. Hoping it is the first of many.

On November 28, 2015, my mom and I went to Clark with Tita Sarah and Chloe for a vacation. We took my mom’s car because it’s much more cheaper than riding a plane plus, Clark is near to our home, so that’s why my mom decided to go to Clark. Before we went to Clark, we bought a chocolate chip frapaccino without whip cream grande size in Starbucks.



When we arrived at Clark, we biked around the resort and my mom accidentaly bumped on a rock when I was on the map. Also Chloe and I jumped on the trampoline to do a star jump. But we didn’t go on the hanging bridge because it was closed as well as the wave pool. I felt frustrated because I wanted to go across the bridge and swim at the wave pool, so we prepared for dinner and started to plan of what to do on Saturday.



On Saturday, we had planned for what we are going to do, first, we went across the bridge to go to the wave pool.


Feeding fun time at Zoocobia

DSC09222Second, we went to Zoocobia to see the animals and we had some fun activities there. I fed the birds on my hand and they tickled my hand because all of them are hungry, I tamed a parrot, I fed a bearcat a piece of a bannana, we went across the jungle maze, I fed the gray bunny a carrot but the white bunny stole my carrot (Seriously), we drove the gravity cars, I made the goats drink milk, but the big black carrabow was so angry and wanted to have some milk, and my mom and I went zipplining, third, we fed the fishes.


So, if you want have an adventure like mine, ask your parents to come to Clark, I hope you have great time. ENJOY!

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