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#Inspired, Thank You ArteFino

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I’ve been careless when it comes to the posting department.

There is no other reason for it but this: I’ve lost my blogging mojo.

Like any project, it was so incredibly exciting at the beginning. We were passionate, blogging and taking loads of photos on our travels for future posts. Then the posts became so long and tedious to lay out. And maybe because I installed some SEO software into WordPress, writing became less of a creative craft and more of a chore. It became all about the business of blogging, of word counts and tags instead of creating and writing from the heart. So my posts became few and far between. I focused on only posting my travel photos on the TGN Instagram and the stories behind them stayed in my head. Eventually, people would come up to me and ask how come I don’t write for The Gypsetters anymore. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone would have noticed.

But then over a month ago, I, was invited to a press conference for ArteFino. Because I regularly contribute to the lifestyle blog with a heart, Taste.Company, I attended the event and wrote an article about it here.

What I didn’t mention was that while I was at the press conference, event host Mel Martinez-Francisco—one of the passionate women behind ArteFino—thanked the press for coming, and alongside big names in media and publishing, she mentioned my little blog that could, The Gypsetters.

I was honored…and honestly, embarrassed. Here we have countless talented writers, editors, and photographers werking it everyday for their print and digial media outlets, and The Gypsetters not only had crickets chirping in it, but also makahiya weeds growing from the corners, and possibly a family of spiders ala Charlotte’s Web living in the digital archive somewhere.

But those behind ArteFino believed in it. And remembered it. And asked me to be part of their event.

The invitation, being witnesss today to Day 1 of ArteFino and its hoards of people looking to get their hands on unique Filipino designs, and taking in all the marvelous craftsmanship, collaboration, and creativity it had to offer, have inspired me to joyously write again. It made me remember why I wanted to share my travel stories and treasure finds with others in the first place: to also inspire others and spark their wanderlust. To encourage more to get out of their comfort zone by being their trusted friend with awesome tips for their journey ahead, whether for a trip or simply to try something different.

I would like to say a big, shouty, bolded capital MARAMING SALAMAT! to ArteFino for your invite to cover your prestigious event and for giving me the inspiration to re-focus on what drove me to launch The Gypsetters in the first place.

I’m sorry if my readability “needs improvement” or my articles don’t “trend.” Not everything we want to truly say has the proper focus keywords. And, thank you for bearing with this absentee gypsetter. For our readers who have inquired on several occasions about when I was going to reignite this blog—this one’s for you.

May all your gypsetting dreams come true again,


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