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7 WanderLinks to Whet Your Palate

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“The air is full of spices,” says Christopher Brandon in the movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility. While he talked about the West Indies, he may have described the world all over. And chances are you’re looking for the same kind of air, filled with the scent of gastronomical wonder. One key to being a good Gysetter is knowing where to find the next big memorable meal–and that doesn’t stop when you pay the bill. Wherever in the world you are, always look for hearty meals to complement your whole trip. Who knows; what you eat will make your vacation all worth it.

Wine and dine with a stunning view of the Alps in Le Mas Candille in Mougines, France

Wine and dine with a stunning view of the Alps in Le Mas Candille in Mougines, France

Travel away to places where the food is as soulful as the surroundings around you. From the cities with the best restaurants and hidden delis to countrysides gushing with offbeat finds for your palate, journey to where the scent of spices send you and come back home with both mind and body satisfied. Here is a list of links that are sure to send you off to a journey of the senses.

1. Prince Edward Island, off the coast of Canada, is becoming one of a foodie traveler’s hot spot, especially with this guide from Food and Travel Magazine. You’ll never find one menu without seafood cooked in different ways.

2. Need good reasons to travel? Travel+Leisure gives everyone 40 Reasons to Travel Now. One good reason, especially for those who love animals as much as they love having quiet meals, is that there is a sheep cafe in Seoul, South Korea.

3. A quick read from Conde Nast Traveler, this bite takes a look inside the Nam Restaurant in Langkawi, Malaysia. The Jewel of Kedah (its official name) offers not only some of the best beaches, but also memorable meals in their stunning resorts.

4. Take a break from Paris and drive to the south and discover a fantastic hotel and restaurant by the name of Le Mas Candille in Mougins, FranceFood and Travel Magazine gives readers a short but satisfying review–saying that puddings “are a delight.”

5. Kate Palbom of Eat, Drink, Travel writes about her culinary discoveries in Israel, saying that creating a food memory is a “labor of love.”

6. If you travel frequently around Asia, you know how big foodies we are. National Geographic compiled great food shots that look almost like street photography–from the wok to the table–inspiration for your next #instafood posts.

7. For an authentic dining experience in Singapore, stay out of the beaten path, says Asian Traveler. They’ve written a guide on how to get the most out of the quirky and hip city-state.

Dinner at Nam Restaurant in Bon Ton Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia. Photo source:

Dinner at Nam Restaurant in Bon Ton Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia. Photo source:

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