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5 Scenic Jogging Routes Around the World

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Traveling does take a toll sometimes, and there will be moments in our journeys when we have to pause our itineraries for some “alone time” and take a quick jog around the block. On the other hand, there are Gypsetters who go around the world just to find the best place to put on their running shoes and speed off, chasing a sunrise or a sunset, admiring the ever-changing scenery around them. The jogging Gypsetter not only travels in style, but also for health of both mind and body. After all, a lap or two around the park may give us more energy to discover adventure after adventure wherever we are.

Pick up your running gear and pick out one of our best, yet not-so-known, jogging routes around the world!

1. Mont-Royal, Montreal (featured photo)

If you like long walks in the park, this should be your favorite place. All the more if you love long-distance running.

The tourism website of Montreal, Canada highlights their man-made urban park filled with paths perfect for cycling, walking, jogging, or running. The best time to go jogging in Mont Royal is during the fall, when the red-golden foliage and cooler weather give many an athlete-in-training to try even harder.


2. Bois de Vincennes, Paris, France

This 2,400-acre park used to be a royal hunting ground for the French kings, but now serves as a leisure park–the largest and greenest in Paris. Because this place is so huge, it’s easy to get lost, so many tourists carry with them a map just in case (or keep a smartphone handy). If you do get lost, ask passersby where the Chateau de Vincennes is and you’ll be on your way back to civilization.


3. Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Tennessee might not be on anyone’s minds when it comes to living a healthier or more athletic lifestyle, but this linear park runs the length of 1/3 of the Tennessee River. While running its various well-lit paths, you can also spot numerous public art works. And don’t worry about getting lost, there are payphones a mile apart each and 24-hour security guards are friendly enough to show you around.


4. Prince’s Island, Turkey

It’s more of a walking haven for tourists and locals alike, but breaking a sweat in what the Turkish call “Adalar” serves as a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. The island is full of blossoming flowers, as if the Prince’s Island is in an eternal springtime, which makes exercising seem less than a chore and more than a leisurely past time.


5. Tel Aviv, Israel

Better known as the ‘Tayalet’ in Hebrew, is where the action is. Take your worries and throw them all away into the water. Tel Aviv’s promenade is a beautiful track of sand stretching for miles. But if you want to get your toes a little wet and relaxed, take off their shoes and run close to the water’s edge, making you forget whatever bad day you have and losing a few calories, too.

Gypsetters, where do you love to jog, run, and lose all the baggage you have in you? We hope you all have a fun-filled week ahead of you. Cheers!

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