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5 Festivals to Go to in 7 Days

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Somewhere in the world, people are celebrating. From the mountains to the concert scene, Gypsetters from all over the world flock together and cheer for human life through songs, dance, and native rituals. So wherever Gypsetters head to, they know there’s something in store for them.

Whether you’re just in the Metro or heading out to other countries, here are some of the most anticipated festivals and events around.

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Thinking of just staying in for the weekend? Head over to the Metropolitan Museum of Manila to celebrate Manila Day! Bring your kids this weekend and see the history of Old Manila come alive through exciting events and exhibits this weekend. Best part? FREE ENTRANCE–for Phippine Citizens. Just present a valid ID to show your residence here.

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2. GLASTONBURY (6/24-28)

When you’re in the UK and you’re a big music festival fan, surely you must be on your way to Glastonbury! Patterned after Woodstock, Glastonbury is the godfather of concerts. Take note though: Don’t make a schedule. Go with the flow. Sometimes letting go and allowing time to take care of itself is the best gift you can give yourself. Be sure to bring a windbreaker and some flashlights.

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3. INTI RAYMI (6/24)

Known in English as “The Festival of The Sun,” this Peruvian festival is a 9-day winter solstice festival that involves colorful costumes and many reenactments. Going to Cuzco, Peru this next few days? Be sure to pack a lot of water (you’ll be climbing up high peaks). Oh, and while Inti Raymi in itself is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world, don’t forget to go to Machu Picchu.

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4. SUMMERFEST (6/24-28, 6/30-7/5)

It’s the world’s largest festival. Eleven days, 800 acts, 1000 performances… full of life to greet the summer season in the US. Bring a big blanket so you can feel comfortable (in case standing takes a toll). You have to be around on opening night, during the fireworks display over Lake Michigan. Tickets are between $11 a day from Tuesday-Friday before , $18 for any day, anytime, and $42 for any three days of your choice.

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Another festival sure to light up your North American summer is the International Jazz Festival in Montreal, Canada. Now entering its 35th year, FIJM celebrates Montreal’s joie de vivre and musical diversity–jazz, after all, is the father of modern music (or so they say). With thousands of people filling up venues, it’s best to bike your way through the city. And practice your French–but Montreal is primarily an English-speaking city.

Go where the culture takes you, dear Gyspetter, and make your travels all worth it.

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