Romantic Getaway from Vogue

A Romantic Getaway (Bag)

posted by: gives us their list of how to pack on that first romantic weekend away together.

Going on vacation together for the first time is definitely a make-or-break point for any gypsetter. Carefully preparing all your arsenal for this trip is the first step to ensuring smooth sailing.


Scent-sational La Botanique

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Scent is such an emotional transporter. The French knew this. French men and women knew that an alluring fragrance was the cherry on top of creating a shroud of mystery to their persona.

Bungalow 300 has an array of homemade, artisanal reed diffusers and candles to add warmth to your space

royal cheese featured

Hip, Hip, Paree!

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From vintage motorcycle jackets to the perfect disheveled Tee and limited edition sneaks, Chef Aaron Isip gives us his favorite trendy menswear and mixed brand boutiques in Paris.

The storefront of Royal Cheese on Rue Tiquetonne

mischa featured

Graphic Travel: a spotlight on MISCHA

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A true gypsetter believes that functionality and style can go hand in hand therefore we outright refuse the plain, airport convenience store travel accessories in dreary black.

Step into the colorful world of MISCHA Designs with lightweight and practical travel gear done up in colors inspired by their founder's travels.


Fashionable Causes

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Who says fashion is frivolous? Rocio Olbes and Natalia Soriano-Cruz' bag line HENRY proves otherwise

The Elizabeth clutch in electric blue and electric green


The Great White Shirt

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Packing for your next big trip should not be a chore when you know what you want to wear.

With a few white shirts in your luggage, plus some additional effects to mix and match, will always do the trick anywhere in the world!


Shh! Style Secrets of French Women

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French women have that certain carefree attitude when it comes to fashion and we'll let you in on their little secrets

French fashion brands such as Promod offer you chic French style without breaking the bank

au courant featured

Riviera Ready

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Intoxicated with the many charms of the French Riviera, the ladies at Cura V reveal their latest event following the Au Courant series.

Cura V's Au Courant trunkshows are a TheGypsetters.Net favorite! Shop for unique statement accessories and conversation pieces while mingling with friends and sipping on cocktails.

The Gypsetters with our "models" for Toni & Guy

Hair, Meet Wardrobe

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Toni & Guy offers the right hair products so that your hair looks great with whatever you are wearing

The Gypsetters with our "models" for the Toni & Guy event at The Gallery Greenbelt 5

TGN x Sapato shoe collab

TGN x Sapato

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We collaborated with local shoe retailers Sapato Manila to create 6 versatile and comfortable pairs of shoes you can travel with

Riviera, Colombo and Tulum, our three stylish shoes available from the limited edition TGN x Sapato collection


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