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Beneath the Surface of Every Brillant Thing

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The Sandbox Collective and 9 Works Theatrical stages Every Brilliant Thing in Manila, and it's about time

Catch Every Brillilant Thing for its last 5 performances from March 15-17, 2019.

ArteFino 2018 The Gypsetters Net

#Inspired, Thank You ArteFino

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The creative writing juices are flowing again, thanks to the passion of ArteFino

Just one of the many creative global Filipino vignettes you'll see at this year's ArteFino 2018


Stories About The Mabuhay Miles Getaway Sale

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What started out as a good experience booking a Mabuhay Miles trip with Philippine Airlines had a few hiccups. Why can't we expect the same first-class service from our own national carrier as we do on other international airlines?

Bittersweet is what I'd call my experience booking a flight for Philippine Airlines' Great Mabuhay Miles Getaway Sale

Urban Ashram Manila

Yoga is Good for the Soul

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Your journey to wellness begins at Urban Ashram Manila, more than just a yoga studio

Urban yoga encourages you to bring your practice with you in the concrete jungle


Thumbs Up for Alaska Airlines

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From so many disappointing trips with various airlines, it's refreshing to see Alaska Airlines keeps its word when it comes to customer promises

Alaska Airlines has a Customer Service Commitment starting from its reservations and ticketing services onward, making flight travel one happy experience

nanay luz featured

Pastel Dreams

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A tribute to Nanay Luz Ocampo

Handcrafted patience and love embodied in the beautiful pastillas wrappers of the legendary Nanay Luz Ocampo


Travel Journal

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The lost art of travel journalling is still a wonderful thing to do today in this digital age

Starting my son Enzo young - encourage your young gypsetters to write their thoughts and memories down on real paper!


Five Boo-tiful Vacations to Sink Your Teeth Into

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From the Nile River in Egypt to the castles in Romania, find places that are full of myth, magic, and mystery.

Have a boo-tiful vacation in these legendary places!


3 Minutes with Kevin Kwan

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We're crazy that we got to meet author Kevin Kwan on a trip to the Philippines to promote his sequel to Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians and its brand new sequel, China Rich Girlfriend are both deliciously and sinfully juicy page-turners

airport nutrition

The Hungry and Hopefully Healthy Layover

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Airports are not always the best places to eat, the lack of good options combined with the stress of travel often makes a disastrous combination leaving you bloated and tired.

photo taken from the article on - What Nutritionists Really Eat at Airports. Inspired by this article, here is a helpful guide on how to navigate food options in Asian airports healthily.


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