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February 2016 Monthly Archives

Pastel Dreams

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A tribute to Nanay Luz Ocampo

Handcrafted patience and love embodied in the beautiful pastillas wrappers of the legendary Nanay Luz Ocampo

My Adventure at Clark by Enzo, A Junior Gypsetter Post

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Junior gypsetters like to write too! Read my son Enzo's account of our short but sweet getaway to Clark, Angeles, Pampanga

Unplug from city living and have a fun weekend with family at Green Canyon Resort

Oodles of Noodles

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From the clear and comforting to the hot and hearty, everyone loves a good bowl of noodle soup.

Slurp your way around Asia with this collection of recipes of iconic noodle soups.

Folie Florale

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Indulge in L'Occitane's delicious new scent

Beautiful sceneries of romantic cherry blossoms in bloom, the awakening of life in the heart of Provence


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We are The Gypsetters.

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